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Animal cognition: Does being clever in one task mean being a genius generally? Project based on existing data
Cognition includes many different aspects, ranging from basic traits like attention and perception to more complex skills like insight and theory of mind that are traditionally associated with a few large brained species such as p ...
Supervisor: S�verine Kotrschal
Department: Behavioural Ecology
Animal Migration / Conservation Behaviour: Stork migration, human disturbance and stop over sites along the Nile in Egypt
Storks migrate annually from their northern breeding grounds to the Subsahara, across arid land and land with high human disturbance in Northern Africa. Here we will use online data from GPS tracked storks to determine their migra ...
Supervisor: Marc Naguib, Sjouke Kingma, Khaled el Noby, Anouschka Hof (WEC)
Department: Behavioural Ecology
Snakes and Birds: using citizen science data to understand the relationship between these two taxa
Citizen science platforms are an important source of information in contemporary times. Although not free of biases and errors, the sheer volume of information available on those online platforms in which nature enthusiasts share  ...
Supervisor: Filipe Cunha
Department: Behavioural Ecology
The role of birds for managing Oak Processionary Caterpillars
Oak processionary caterpillars (Thaumetopoea processionea ; OPC) have increased in abundance greatly over the last decade. They are seen as a pest, because of their venomous hairs, which can cause skin irritation in humans. Over t ...
Supervisor: Prof. Kees van Oers (NIOO-KNAW/WUR)
Department: Behavioural Ecology
Animal Personality
Animal personality; a topic that has received much attention over the last 3 decades. Within this field many field, lab, data or literature studies are possible. Studies ranging from field studies, genetics and genomics studies, ...
Supervisor: Kees van Oers or other staff at BHE
Department: Behavioural Ecology
Lined Seedeater Project
MSc students. The Lined Seedeater Project is a long-term project in which we study the most exciting questions in behavioural ecology, animal behaviour, and evolutionary biology. To solve some long-standing puzzles we need long ...
Supervisor: Filipe Cunha
Department: Behavioural Ecology
Animal Communication and Conservation: Effect of urban disturbances on bird singing
Human disturbances affect the natural environment both acoustically and visually. Traffic noise and street lights are two of the most prominent environmental pollutants which affecting diurnal activity patterns of wildlife. Birds  ...
Supervisor: Marc Naguib (BHE)
Pim van Hooft (WEC)
Sjouke Kingma (BHE)

Department: Behavioural Ecology
Foraging strategies in a social herbivore (the fallow deer, Dama dama). Field work at the landgoed Oranje Nassaus Oord in Renkum.
For social foragers, movement as a group could increase foraging efficiency through collective discovery of high-quality food sources. This would require an efficient mechanism for transferring information about food quality betwe ...
Supervisor: S�verine Denise Kotrschal
Alexander Kotrschal

Department: Behavioural Ecology
Gorillas & Mangabeys - Rotterdam Zoo
In this thesis, the student will be continuing the project of a previous thesis. Currently, in Blijdorp, the mangabeys are separated into two groups: a single species one and another housed with gorillas. We are interested in bett ...
Supervisor: Filipe Cunha
Department: Behavioural Ecology
Randomizing feeding schedules as an enrichment strategy for captive animals - Rotterdam Zoo Blijdorp
In nature, the time of feeding is random and unpredictable. Therefore, a random feeding schedule in captive situations approximates natural patterns more closely than fixed schedules. Moreover, zoo animals can show food anticipato ...
Supervisor: Filipe Cunha
Department: Behavioural Ecology
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