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BSc-MSc Thesis and Internship Projects, Wageningen University

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Animal Cognition: Cognition in parrots at Loropark Tenerife
This project is a cooperation with the Max Planck Institiute for Ornithology in Seewiesen, Germany and the Loropark on Tenerife. The Loropark has a cognition lab 'in which research on avian cognition using a range of parrot specie ...
Supervisor: Marc Naguib
Department: Behavioural Ecology
Conservation Behaviour: Use of sheep in nature conservation
In this project, we are cooperating with s local Sheppard (http://grebbeveld.nl), who is keeping sheep in nature conservation areas around Wageningen that require control of vegetation growth (mainly grass, tree seedlings and shru ...
Supervisor: Marc Naguib
Department: Behavioural Ecology
Vigilance in geese flocks along the Rhine
One benefit of group living is safety and reduced predation pressure risk. Group living animals often show vigilance behaviour, by scanning the environment, and such vigilance is traded off with other activities such as foraging.  ...
Supervisor: Marc Naguib and Lysanne Snijders
Department: Behavioural Ecology
Habitat quality and reproductive performance in cooperatively breeding African birds
The savannahs and woodlands of eSwatini can be rather challenging for survival and reproduction of birds: Temperatures can be very high, rainfall scarce or lacking for months, and bush fires can destroy great parts of the vegetati ...
Supervisor: Miriam Kuspiel
Sjouke A. Kingma
Kat L. Bebbington

Department: Behavioural Ecology
Inferring dominance interactions from automated feeder data
An individual’s position in a dominance hierarchy may influence their ability to gain access to food resources, territories and potential mates. Therefore, an individuals’ dominance rank can have an important influence on their fi ...
Supervisor: Krista van den Heuvel, dr. Barbara Tomotani, Prof. dr. Kees van Oers (NIOO-KNAW)
Department: Behavioural Ecology
Missing the big picture: how cognitive processes influence emotions in dogs
Animals suffer when they are in a negative emotional state. However, measuring emotions in animals is difficult because they cannot tell us how they feel. Developing better ways to assess animal emotions could help us to improve m ...
Supervisor: Else Verbeek, Bonne Beerda
Department: Behavioural Ecology
The role of habitat quality for bird cognition (field projects)
Animals differ in how they acquire knowledge and understanding through thought, experience and the senses. Can habitat changes shape these differences? How may habitat variation influence behavioural performance in wild birds and  ...
Supervisor: Eva Serrano (NIOO-KNAW)
Kees van Oers (WUR/NIOO)

Department: Behavioural Ecology
Bee health in Sweden: Investigating behavioural defence strategies in mite resitant honey bees from the island of Gotland in Sweden.
Healthy bees are crucial for the global food production. About one third of human diet directly or indirectly depends on successful pollination by bees. But the western honey bee struggles to survive. Colony numbers are rapidly de ...
Supervisor: Séverine Kotrschal
(external Dr. Naomi Keehnen)

Department: Behavioural Ecology
Conservation Behaviour: Wetland bird behaviour and community structure along the Nile in Egypt
The wetlands along the Nile provide a prime case to study human-wildlife conflicts and human settlements and bird habitats are confined to the small linear habitat along the Nile. The thesis will be embedded in large interdiscipli ...
Supervisor: Marc Naguib & Fred de Boer (WEC)
Department: Behavioural Ecology
Animal Cooperation: Why do birds help each other?
In some birds species individuals forego own reproduction in order to help others in raising their offspring. Since evolutionary theory predicts selfish behaviour, how can we explain such seemingly selfless behaviour? We catch and ...
Supervisor: Sjouke Anne Kingma
Kat Bebbington
Miriam Kuspiel

Department: Behavioural Ecology
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