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Avian Malaria: does it negatively affect individuals’ behaviour and health?
Avian malaria is a common disease in birds. These blood parasites are predicted to negatively affect individuals’health and reproduction. However, results of tests of the effects of malaria are mixed; potentially this is because i ...
Supervisor: Sjouke Kingma
Kevin Matson
Kat Bebbington.

Department: Behavioural Ecology
Conservation Behaviour and Ecology of New Zealand birds
New Zealand's native vertebrates are threatened by invasive species from Europe and Australia. As a consequences several Ecosanctuaries have been set up, where the fauna is protected by a fence keeping non native predators out. Bu ...
Supervisor: Marc Naguib
Department: Behavioural Ecology
Animal Communication: The ecology of acoustic communication
Animal signals underly selection by the acoustic properties of the environment in which they are used to communicate. During transmission signals degrade and attenuate so that a distant receiver will make its decision based on a s ...
Supervisor: Marc Naguib
Hugo Loning

Department: Behavioural Ecology
Animal Communication: Noise effects on animal vocal communication
Noise (and light) pollution is increasingly becoming ubiquitous in urban and also rural environments, due to traffic and other human activities. The project provides different options such as (1) determine the effects of noise on ...
Supervisor: Marc Naguib and Hugo Loning
Department: Behavioural Ecology
Behavioural Ecology Open topics
We offer a range of topics and opportunities for theses which are not all listed here, covering topics suggested by students, research in zoos or with colleages/institutions abroad which whom we can arrange these and internships.  ...
Supervisor: Marc Naguib & other BHE staff
Department: Behavioural Ecology
Human Behaviour
Human behaviour, just like animal behaviour, is fascinating to study from a biological perspectives. Topics for these can be discussed and can range from topics late mate preference, cooperation, communication or other ideas you  ...
Supervisor: Marc Naguib
Department: Behavioural Ecology
Adapting to city life: a study of the biological rhythms of forest and city birds
Urbanization provides a fantastic opportunity to study the evolutionary processes in action. Cities profoundly change the environment, putting organisms under contrastingly distinct selective pressures when compared to natural env ...
Supervisor: Barbara Tomotani (NIOO-KNAW Wageningen) & Marc Naguib
Department: Behavioural Ecology
Early nutrition & feather pecking in laying hens
Feather pecking is a big welfare problem in commercial laying hens. This project aims to study the ontogeny of feather pecking in early life and to develop nutritional strategies that can act as an intervention to prevent feather  ...
Supervisor: Annemarie Mens, Bonne Beerda
Department: Behavioural Ecology
Tracking cuckoos: how do they select a suitable host nest to lay their egg?
Cuckoos lay their eggs in nests of other species who subsequently take care of it. How do cuckoos find and select a nest to lay their egg in? What do they base their choice on? Using radio-telemetry, we will follow levaillant’s cu ...
Supervisor: Sjouke A. Kingma
Kat L. Bebbington

Department: Behavioural Ecology
Climate change and heat-stress in birds: Does climate affect behaviour and/or physiology of wild birds?
The world’s climate is rapidly changing; whether individuals can adapt to such change is highly unclear. In this project we will catch birds and monitor nests to determine how climatic variables affect individuals health, parental ...
Supervisor: Kat Bebbington
Sjouke Anne Kingma

Department: Behavioural Ecology
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