Project properties

Title Animal Communication: The ecology of acoustic communication
Group Behavioural Ecology
Project type thesis
Credits 24-36
Supervisor(s) Marc Naguib
Hugo Loning
Examiner(s) Marc Naguib
Contact info
Begin date 2017/11/01
End date 2022/10/31
Description Animal signals underly selection by the acoustic properties of the environment in which they are used to communicate. During transmission signals degrade and attenuate so that a distant receiver will make its decision based on a signal which has accumulated changes during propagation, ofetn over more than 100m, the communication distance in many songbirds.
This project can be
(1) experimental by broadcasting and re-recording sounds in different habitat and across different distances to determine which sound structures transmit best
(2) Use downloaded sound files from archives like the Tierstimmenarchiv at the Natural History Museum in Berlin, to determine if and how bird sounds differ across species living in different habitats, ranging from open fields to dense forests.
Used skills Acoustic analysis