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Plant defence to multi herbivore attack: dealing with unpredictable insect communities
Plants interact with a large number of attackers. The arrival of these attackers may be unpredictable in terms of the species identity, the moment in time and the order in which attack may take place. It is hypothesized that plant ...
Supervisor: Erik Poelman
Department: Entomology, Laboratory of
Plant responses to multiple herbivory: does parasitism status of early herbivore attack affect subsequent herbivore community composition?
Plants under natural conditions are generally attacked by a dynamic community of insect herbivore species. Several studies have shown that early herbivore attack can impact subsequent herbivore colonization during the growing seas ...
Supervisor: Antonino Cusumano, Daan Mertens, Erik Poelman
Department: Entomology, Laboratory of
Boost the production of bio-control agent: Transferring parthenogenesis bacteria to produce female-only parasitoid wasps
Wolbachia is one of the most notorious endosymbiont bacteria which can distort the sex in many biocontrol wasp species. However, using it wisely may also help tackle some issues related to mass rearing and post releasing effects o ...
Supervisor: Yidong Wang
Eveline Verhulst

Department: Entomology, Laboratory of
Do plants affect the outcome of parasitoid competition?
Parasitoids often compete over herbivore hosts that are used to rear offspring. Generally, a single host species is exploited by more than one parasitoid species and hence competition between parasitoids over host and larval compe ...
Supervisor: Erik Poelman, Marcel Dicke
Department: Entomology, Laboratory of
BSc or small MSc thesis: Suppressing aphids in potato plants with below-ground fungi
Arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi (AMF) can induce plant systemic resistance, and reduce yield loses caused by herbivores. Plant diversity has the potential to enhance AMF communities. Intercropping systems, where at least two crop pla ...
Supervisor: Laura Riggi, Karen Kloth
Department: Entomology, Laboratory of
Melanism in ladybird beetles
A number of ladybird beetles show color polymorphism, where forms are different in the extent of melanisation of their elytra. This is likely to influence their thermal regimes, and since insects are ectothermic, may also influenc ...
Supervisor: Dr. P.W. de Jong
Department: Entomology, Laboratory of
Development and testing of a highly efficient odour-baited mosquito trap
The mosquito is considered the most dangerous animal in the world because mosquitoes are vectors of many human pathogens such as malaria, dengue fever, and Zika. The best way to reduce the spread of these diseases is to prevent mo ...
Supervisor: Antoine Cribellier, Jeroen Spitzen
Department: Entomology, Laboratory of
How insects develop a taste for the world: Finding the tastiest treat for black soldier flies and house crickets
Insect can be an important part in the transition to a more suitable food production. Apart from being very efficient in converting plant material into animal protein, insects are also often able to consume waste materials, which  ...
Supervisor: Alexander Haverkamp
Department: Entomology, Laboratory of
Pimp that wasp: Nasonia vitripennis genetic engineering for better biocontrol
In the molecular lab at entomology we use for our studies a rather unusual model organism, the parasitoid wasp Nasonia vitripennis. We focus on the use of Nasonia to investigate sex determination, memory development and insect-ba ...
Supervisor: Filippo Guerra, Eveline Verhulst
Department: Entomology, Laboratory of
Plant fitness consequences of multi-attack by insect herbivores
Individual plants harbour a dynamic multispecies insect herbivore community. These herbivore communities select on plant defence strategies. These defence strategies consist of a constitutive baseline of defence as well as an indu ...
Supervisor: Bob Douma (CSA)
Erik Poelman (Ent)

Department: Entomology, Laboratory of
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