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BSc-MSc Thesis and Internship Projects, Wageningen University

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Optimizing egg production by black soldier fly, Hermetia illucens Optimalisatie van ei-productie door zwarte soldatenvliegen
De productie van black soldier fly larven voor gebruik in diervoeding is een sterk groeiende sector. InsectoCycle is druk bezig om boerderijen om te bouwen tot kwekerijen van zwarte soldatenvliegen. Deze boerderijen moeten voorzie ...
Supervisor: Seppe Salari (Insectocycle)
Department: Entomology, Laboratory of
A standing army in the field?! How effective is augmentative biocontrol using banker systems in suppressing pest populations in open field vegetables? (Internship or Thesis)
Banker plants are often used in protected cultivation to support the released biocontrol agents (BCAs) with alternative (supplementary) resources such as flowers or alternative prey. Banker systems may thus ensure that a “standing ...
Supervisor: Dr. Tibor Bukovinszki
Dr. Martine Kos

Department: Entomology, Laboratory of
Bijdrage van bloemenmengsels aan biodiversiteit planten en insecten (only for Dutch-speaking students)
Studentonderwerp april – augustus 2023 Wageningen Environmental Research De proefopzet Een methode om de biodiversiteit van grasvelden te verhogen is om deze door te zaaien met een (inheems) bloemenmengsel. Daarom is in het ...
Supervisor: Carla Grashof-Bokdam; Prof. Gerben Messelink
Department: Entomology, Laboratory of
Dual Function Of Omnivorous Predators In Biological Control : Vaccinators And Predators (NEW)
In the past decades, omnivorous predators have been increasingly used for biological pest control. As omnivores, they feed both on plants and herbivore pests. The advantage of omnivorous predators is that they can establish and ma ...
Supervisor: Nina Zhang, Erik Poelman
Department: Entomology, Laboratory of
Health and Immunology of Black soldier fly, Hermetia illucens
The project is a part of NWO-project INSECTFEED (https://insectfeed.nl/). Insect production is part of an integrated food production system that aims to attain zero waste and preservation of natural resources. The current project  ...
Supervisor: Dr. Sevasti Maistrou, Parth Shah, Prof. dr. ir. Joop van Loon
Department: Entomology, Laboratory of
Brain morphogenesis in a parasitoid model species: genes regulating parasitoid olfaction
Have you ever wondered how insects use their brain; or whether they possess a brain after all? How do insects find and recognize their significant other? In the next academic year (starting September/October) you have the oppo ...
Supervisor: Aidan Williams, Eveline Verhulst
Department: Entomology, Laboratory of
Exploring plant defence strategies to deal with attack by multiple herbivores
In nature, plants are confronted with a plethora of insect herbivores which have been driving the evolution of plant defences for more than 400 million years. Plants have developed plastic defensive strategies to be resistant or t ...
Supervisor: Erik Poelman, Maxence Longuemare
Department: Entomology, Laboratory of
Biological control on tomato plants lacking type VI trichomes - NEW
Tomato plants are typically covered in glandular trichomes: sticky hairs that inhibit small pest species. However, these plant hairs also harm beneficial arthropods. Because of this, only a few biological control agents provide su ...
Supervisor: Julia van Leemput (WUR Bleiswijk)
Department: Entomology, Laboratory of
Edible insect and the faith of animal medicine in the food chain
With a rapidly growing world population and increasing pressure on our food production systems, it is essential to find new, environmentally friendly food sources. Certain insect species offer an excellent solution due to their hi ...
Supervisor: Dennis Oonincx (Anu)
Julien Rougeot (Ento)

Department: Entomology, Laboratory of
Investigating recruitment of microorganisms by the plant to defend itself against insect herbivores
Insect feeding causes major crop losses every year. Therefore, it is of high importance to develop sustainable pest management strategies to be able to produce healthy and safe food. Through millions of years of evolution, plants  ...
Supervisor: Kris de Kreek MSc, dr. Karen Kloth
Department: Entomology, Laboratory of
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