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Finding novel repellents against mosquitoes
Female mosquitoes are attracted to humans and animals by odours produced by skin bacteria. Humans differ considerably in their degree of attractiveness to mosquitoes. Less attractive individuals might release lower amounts of attr ...
Supervisor: Sander Koenraadt
Tessa Visser

Department: Entomology, Laboratory of
Foraging success of parasitoids in diverse agro-ecosystems: How to be efficient under diverse conditions?
Parasitoids are evolved to find their host in a diverse system. It is hypothesized that increased vegetation diversity will enhance their performance in the field. However, responses of parasitic wasps to habitat diversification a ...
Supervisor: Erik Poelman, Marcel Dicke
Department: Entomology, Laboratory of
Smart natural enemies for sustainable pest control
Parasitoids are key natural enemies that contribute to biological control of economically important pests in both agricultural and natural ecosystems. They are however not always efficient in finding the pest insect in the greenho ...
Supervisor: Jetske de Boer, j.deboer@nioo.knaw.nl
Department: Entomology, Laboratory of
(NEW!!!) What do omnivores eat? Feeding behaviour of omnivorous predators.
Omnivorous insect predators have been increasingly used for biological pest control in the past decades. As omnivores, they feed both on plants and herbivore pests. The advantage of omnivorous predators is that they can establish  ...
Supervisor: Nina Zhang
Department: Entomology, Laboratory of
Control of malaria mosquito pathogens
The mosquito Anopheles coluzzii transmits malaria and is, therefore, one of the most dangerous vector species in the world. In the Laboratory of Entomology, we focus on novel tools to control this mosquito. We usually produce >500 ...
Supervisor: Tessa Visser
Pieter Rouweler

Department: Entomology, Laboratory of
Plant defence to multi herbivore attack: dealing with unpredictable insect communities
Plants interact with a large number of attackers. The arrival of these attackers may be unpredictable in terms of the species identity, the moment in time and the order in which attack may take place. It is hypothesized that plant ...
Supervisor: Erik Poelman
Department: Entomology, Laboratory of
Do plants affect the outcome of parasitoid competition?
Parasitoids often compete over herbivore hosts that are used to rear offspring. Generally, a single host species is exploited by more than one parasitoid species and hence competition between parasitoids over host and larval compe ...
Supervisor: Erik Poelman, Marcel Dicke
Department: Entomology, Laboratory of
How do plant traits and plant evolutionary history affect herbivore insect and pollinator community on 30 plant species? (NEW)
Plants have to defend themselves against insect herbivory and attract pollinators for successful reproduction. The plant traits involved can affect both herbivore deterrence and pollinator attraction, so strategies differ between  ...
Supervisor: Zoƫ Delamore & Erik Poelman
Department: Entomology, Laboratory of
Melanism in ladybird beetles
A number of ladybird beetles show color polymorphism, where forms are different in the extent of melanisation of their elytra. This is likely to influence their thermal regimes, and since insects are ectothermic, may also influenc ...
Supervisor: Dr. P.W. de Jong
Department: Entomology, Laboratory of
Development and testing of a highly efficient odour-baited mosquito trap
The mosquito is considered the most dangerous animal in the world because mosquitoes are vectors of many human pathogens such as malaria, dengue fever, and Zika. The best way to reduce the spread of these diseases is to prevent mo ...
Supervisor: Antoine Cribellier, Jeroen Spitzen
Department: Entomology, Laboratory of
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