Project properties

Title How do plant traits and plant evolutionary history affect herbivore insect and pollinator community on 30 plant species? (NEW)
Group Entomology, Laboratory of
Project type thesis
Credits 36
Supervisor(s) Zoƫ Delamore & Erik Poelman
Examiner(s) Marcel Dicke
Contact info
Begin date 2024/03/11
End date 2024/12/31
Description Plants have to defend themselves against insect herbivory and attract pollinators for successful reproduction. The plant traits involved can affect both herbivore deterrence and pollinator attraction, so strategies differ between plant species. In this research, we try to understand which traits control insect community dynamics and how this evolved in the plant family Brassicaceae.
Used skills Experimental fieldwork, ecological research, insect herbivore & pollinator monitoring, plant trait characterization, statistics
Requirements ENT-30806 (Fundamental and Applied Aspects of the Biology of Insects) and either ENT-30306 (Ecological Aspects of Bio-interactions) or PHP-30806 (Molecular Aspects of Bio-interactions) or GEN-20306 (Molecular and Evolutionary Ecology)