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Agro-ecological farms: do they stimulate soil biodiversity & functioning?
Introduction: Agro-ecological farming practices are gaining increasing interest in the Netherlands and Europe. Different networks like ‘Toekomstboeren’, Biological Dynamic Farms, Food Forests, Permaculture, and Community Suppo ...
Supervisor: Ron de Goede (SBL), Gabriel Moinet (SBL), Jan Hassink (Wageningen Plant Research)
Department: Soil Biology
Stimulating earthworm populations in horticulture – is that feasible?
Earthworms are important ecosystem engineers. They contribute to soil fertility, soil structure formation, and water cycling. Due to the often very intensive soil management in horticultural soils earthworm population density is o ...
Supervisor: Ron de Goede
Department: Soil Biology
Insights on arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi activity in soil by measuring the length of fungal hyphae
Arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi (AMF) are crucial to provide phosphorus (P) to plants in limiting P conditions. One way of measuring AMF activity is to look at colonization rate in plant roots. However this technic is only providing  ...
Supervisor: Alix Vidal, Laura Ferron
Department: Soil Biology
Soil biota and carbon stocks in a 64 years old grassland fertilization experiment
Introduction: Near Wageningen, at one of the experimental fields of WUR is a unique long-term field experiment (LTE) that studies the effect of fertilizer application in grassland that had never before received inorganic fertili ...
Supervisor: Dr. Ron de Goede/prof. Dr Gerlinde de Deyn
Department: Soil Biology
Cover crops to sequester carbon in arable soils
Soils contain about 50% of the terrestrial C pool in the form of soil organic carbon (SOC). Besides C sequestration, this SOC has multiple functions that are essential to crop production, such as improving water holding capacity o ...
Supervisor: Mathilde Hagens and Ellis Hoffland
Department: Soil Biology
Climate adaptation and mitigation potential of agroforestry systems
Agroforestry is increasingly recognised as a potential mitigation and adaptation strategy against climate change. Agroforestry is often argued to increase soil carbon, improve nutrient cycling and promote soil biodiversity. It i ...
Supervisor: Gabriel Moinet (SBL), Gerlinde De Deyn (SBL)
Department: Soil Biology
Monitoring soil biodiversity on agro ecological farms
Agro-ecological farming practices are gaining increasing interest in the Netherlands and Europe. Different networks like Toekomstboeren, Biological Dynamic Farms, Food Forests, Permaculture and Community Supported Agriculture farm ...
Supervisor: Gabriel Moinet (SBL), Jan Hassink (Wageningen Plant Research)
Department: Soil Biology
Can microbial communities promote soil C sequestration
Managing terrestrial ecosystems to increase the carbon contained in soils can remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. As such, it is recognised as one of a few realistic strategies to curb climate change. Soil carbon is also ke ...
Supervisor: Gabriel Moinet (SBL), Mathilde Hagens (SOC)
Department: Soil Biology
Mapping spatial distribution of nematodes across Europe: a statistical analysis
Introduction: With the urgent need to develop practically applicable tools to assess soil health and soil quality through chemical and biological indicators, it is necessary to improve our knowledge on the spatial distribution o ...
Supervisor: Dr. Ron de Goede
Department: Soil Biology
Do conservation tillage practices really increase soil C sequestration?
Conservation tillage practices (no-till, reduced tillage, shallow tillage) have been widely used to alleviate the negative effects of conventional cropland management practices. These techniques are already implemented on 155 mill ...
Supervisor: Gabriel Moinet (SBL), Bert Rijk (PPS), Rommie van der Weide
Department: Soil Biology
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