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Unravelling natural organic matter with root exudates
Root exudates are extremely important in mobilizing nutrients and are increasingly seen as relevant to carbon sequestration in soils. They modify the biology and chemistry in the rhizosphere by several well known mechanisms. The a ...
Supervisor: Walter Schenkeveld or Ellis Hoffland
Department: Soil Biology
Stimulating earthworm populations in horticulture is that feasible?
Earthworms are important ecosystem engineers. They contribute to soil fertility, soil structure formation, and water cycling. Due to the often very intensive soil management in horticultural soils earthworm population density is o ...
Supervisor: Ron de Goede
Department: Soil Biology
Soil biota and carbon stocks in a 64 years old grassland fertilization experiment
Introduction: Near Wageningen, at one of the experimental fields of WUR is a unique long-term field experiment (LTE) that studies the effect of fertilizer application in grassland that had never before received inorganic fertili ...
Supervisor: Dr. Ron de Goede/prof. Dr Gerlinde de Deyn
Department: Soil Biology
Climate adaptation and mitigation potential of agroforestry systems
Agroforestry is increasingly recognised as a potential mitigation and adaptation strategy against climate change. Agroforestry is often argued to increase soil carbon, improve nutrient cycling and promote soil biodiversity. It i ...
Supervisor: Gabriel Moinet (SBL), Gerlinde De Deyn (SBL)
Department: Soil Biology
Exploring how soil-forming factors influence microbial warming responses and activity
New Zealand is a model system to study how microbial activities and other biogeochemical processes will respond climate change due to its diverse soils and climates over a short geographic distance. In this project, we will explor ...
Supervisor: Gabriel Moinet (SBL), Charlotte Alster (Lincoln University)
Department: Soil Biology
How do soil foodweb interactions contribute to carbon sequestration?
Soil organic matter (SOM) is essential for the sustainability of agriculture as it has a key role in supporting many of the soil functions. Increasing SOM levels of agricultural soils could also contribute to climate change mitiga ...
Supervisor: Anna-Reetta Salonen, Ron de Goede
Department: Soil Biology
Mapping spatial distribution of nematodes across Europe: a statistical analysis
Introduction: With the urgent need to develop practically applicable tools to assess soil health and soil quality through chemical and biological indicators, it is necessary to improve our knowledge on the spatial distribution o ...
Supervisor: Dr. Ron de Goede
Department: Soil Biology
Impact of solar parks on spatial distribution of SOM and vegetation dynamics
Introduction: Solar parks are a relatively new and rapidly expanding land use to produce renewable energy and meet CO2 reduction targets. However, their impact on soil quality of agricultural fields raises concern. Solar parks cau ...
Supervisor: Luuk Scholten, Gerlinde De Deyn, Ron de Goede
Department: Soil Biology
Evaluation of different types of bio-based fertilizers and their effects on carbon and nutrient dynamics in two different soils – Colombia - thesis or research internship
The RUSTICA project (www.rusticaproject.eu) aims to validate technical solution to convert organic residues from the fruit and vegetable sector into novel bio-based fertiliser products that address the needs of modern (sustainable ...
Supervisor: Mirjam Pulleman
Department: Soil Biology
Studying the effect of land use intensity and land use changes on functional diversity of soil biota
Soil biota play a crucial role in the provision of ecosystem functions. A promising way to link the abundance of soil biota to these functions is by studying their functional diversity. Functional diversity describes the range of  ...
Supervisor: Doina Mani (SGL & SBL), Carmen Vazquez Martin (SBL)
Department: Soil Biology
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