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Phosphorus fertilizer replacement values of organic products in a circular agriculture
In a circular agriculture, livestock density will be significantly reduced and crop residues will be used for biorefinery purposes. With less manure and straw available, novel organic amendments are needed to maintain soil fertili ...
Supervisor: Ellis Hoffland & Renske Hijbeek
Department: Soil Biology
The relations between soil health and food safety in cacao production systems of South America
Cacao production in South America is strongly promoted and linked to important environmental and rural development goals. Cacao is mostly produced by smallholder farmers. However, important challenges to enhance profitability incl ...
Supervisor: Mirjam Pulleman, Giulia Bongiorno
Department: Soil Biology
Getting to know soil functions and multifunctionality in Chinese agricultural soils: A modelling approach
With the extensive discussion of soil health, more attention has been paid to the contribution of soil to ecosystem services, that is, soil functions, including: primary productivity; water purification & regulation; climate regul ...
Supervisor: Yizan Li, Ron de Goede
Department: Soil Biology
How do different soil organic matter fractions respond to warming?
Soil organic matter (SOM) stores large amounts of carbon. Under the influence of climate change, higher temperatures have the potential to stimulate SOM decomposition, accelerating the release of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere ...
Supervisor: Karen Moran Rivera (SBL, SOC), Mathilde Hagens (SOC) Gabriel Moinet (SBL),
Department: Soil Biology
To what extent do vermicompost production parameters affect subsequent carbon and nutrient cycling in soil?
Vermicompost, i.e., compost through the activity of earthworms, can be used as a soil amendment to improve soil fertility, carbon storage and plant growth. The characteristics of vermicompost can vary according to the used source  ...
Supervisor: Alix Vidal, Enno Sonntag
Department: Soil Biology
Organic amendments to improve soil water retention
Climate change leads to more frequent drought and high intensity rainfall events. In recent years, arable production suffered from both, with droughts being particularly impactful on sandy soils. Innovations are needed to prevent  ...
Supervisor: Ellis Hoffland (SBL) or Loes van Schaik (SLM)
Department: Soil Biology
Optimizing nutrient use efficiency of strip cropping systems: how does spatial diversity of plant and microbial properties influence soil nutrient cycling?
Strip cropping of multiple species has been proposed as a viable strategy to diversify intensive monocultural production systems through space and time, thereby supporting the transition towards a more sustainable and resilient ag ...
Supervisor: Gerlinde De Deyn and Marie Zwetsloot
Department: Soil Biology
Investigating the interactions between enhanced silicate weathering and growth of N-fixing crops
Weathering of silicate minerals stabilises climate on geologic time scales by consuming CO2. Artificially enhancing weathering rates by mining, crushing and spreading rocks containing silicate minerals has been suggested as a tool ...
Supervisor: dr. Mathilde Hagens (SOC), prof. dr. Ellis Hoffland (SBL)
Department: Soil Biology
The environmental and economic impacts of waste recycling on cropland C balance
Introduction: Waste recycling could be environmentally friendly practice to manage carbon (C) sequestration in arable farming. It has become a hot research topic recently because the promotion of circular agriculture and the need  ...
Supervisor: Zhibiao Wei
Department: Soil Biology
Disentangling the role of earthworms in cycling soil phosphorus using an isotopic approach
Earthworms play a key role in the soil nutrient cycling and thus participate in maintaining soil fertility. It is widely recognized that the phosphorus availability is higher in earthworm affected soil compared with the surroundin ...
Supervisor: Alix Vidal, Hannah Vos
Department: Soil Biology
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