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What drives changes in earthworm community composition across different soil conditions?
Earthworms are among the most important soil fauna. They contribute to the quality of soil by improving soil structure, increasing nutrient mineralisation, mixing residues into the soil, and many other process. Thus, having large  ...
Supervisor: Jan Willem van Groenigen, Ingrid Lubbers
Department: Soil Biology
Insects’ by-products potential on plant and soil
In a circular agriculture, insects are a suitable solution to convert food and crop wastes into premium high-value ingredients for humans, animals and plants. As an insect by-product, frass (excrement) has been studied in several  ...
Supervisor: Ellis Hoffland
Department: Soil Biology
Mitigating N2O emissions from grasslands during extreme weather events using a plant trait-based approach
Intensively managed grasslands are an ecologically and economically important agroecosystem, and are more than half of all agricultural land. Due to nitrogen fertilization, they are also large sources of the potent greenhouse gas  ...
Supervisor: Gerlinde De Deyn
Department: Soil Biology
The use of soil amendments to reduce cadmium availability and uptake in cacao.
Cacao production in South America is strongly promoted and linked to important environmental and rural development goals. However, important market-related challenges include new EU food safety regulation setting limits to cadmium ...
Supervisor: Mirjam Pulleman, Bert Jan Groenenberg
Department: Soil Biology
How do soil organic matter characteristics and associated functions develop in organic arable soils over time?
Organic farming practices are expected to modify the quantity and quality of soil organic matter (SOM) as compared to conventional farming. In 2017, we collected soils from 76 Dutch organic and conventional farms on sand and marin ...
Supervisor: Guusje Koorneef, MSc, dr Mirjam Pulleman, dr. Ron de Goede
Department: Soil Biology
Is permanganate oxidizable carbon (POXC) a good and reliable predictor of soil quality for Dutch arable soils?
Soil organic matter (SOM) is of paramount relevance to soil quality and to greenhouse gas mitigation. Changes in total SOM content in response to changing (agricultural) management practices are slow, but especially the more activ ...
Supervisor: Marie Zwetsloot, Mirjam Pulleman, in collaboration with Gerard Korthals (Center for Soil Ecology)
Department: Soil Biology
Insects for proteins – what about soil fertility?
In a circular economy, diets will be increasingly less meat-based. One way to produce protein-rich products, is to grow insects on organic waste. But what does this mean for soil fertility? Is the manure produced by insects still  ...
Supervisor: Ellis Hoffland & Renske Hijbeek
Department: Soil Biology
From human waste to soil fertility
Current designs for a circularity in agricultural are underdeveloped in terms of their impact on soil fertility. At the same time, nutrients and organic matter from human excreta are under-used. The aim is to bring these two ends  ...
Supervisor: Ellis Hoffland
Department: Soil Biology
Phosphorus fertilizer replacement values of organic products in a circular agriculture
In a circular agriculture, livestock density will be significantly reduced and crop residues will be used for biorefinery purposes. With less manure and straw available, novel organic amendments are needed to maintain soil fertili ...
Supervisor: Ellis Hoffland & Renske Hijbeek
Department: Soil Biology
The relations between soil health and food safety in cacao production systems of South America
Cacao production in South America is strongly promoted and linked to important environmental and rural development goals. Cacao is mostly produced by smallholder farmers. However, important challenges to enhance profitability incl ...
Supervisor: Mirjam Pulleman, Marie Zwetsloot
Department: Soil Biology
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