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Mitigation of nitrogen emissions from peat grassland by using Plantago lanceolata?
Introduction (thesis or internship) Peat soils are very rich in organic matter through accumulation of plant residues over centuries. Areas with peat soils are nowadays drained in order to produce grass for milk production. Howev ...
Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Jan Willem van Groenigen (WUR)
MSc. Jeroen Pijlman (Louis Bolk Institute)
Dr. Ir. Nick van Eekeren (Louis Bolk Institute)

Department: Soil Biology
Soil organic matter and biodiversity in solar farms on agricultural land
Introduction: Land-use change from conventional grassland or arable farming to solar farming is expected to have potential effects on the vegetation underneath the solar panels. Reduction in light availability will impact primar ...
Supervisor: prof. Dr. ir. G. de Deyn
Department: Soil Biology
Effects of fibre-rich low N/P digestate on soil functions
Soil organic matter is highly relevant to soil functions and supporting functions such as soil structure, water retention, and soil life. In a field experiment that lasted for 3 year, a fibre rich digestate with reduces levels of  ...
Supervisor: Ellis Hoffland, Inge Regelink (WEnR)
Department: Soil Biology
Effect of grazing systems on root exudation
Like other plants, grasses actively regulate the rhizosphere environment and the soil microbial community by releasing root exudates into the soil. Grazing by herbivores causes a so called root exudate explosion which primes the m ...
Supervisor: Ellis Hoffland
Department: Soil Biology
Biodiversity for self-cleaning soils
Soil chemical contamination is a significant threat to biodiversity and soil function. Presently 60-70% of Europe’s soils are considered unhealthy. However, maybe a start of the solution could already be in the soils themselves, a ...
Supervisor: Alix Vidal and Esmer Jongedijk
Department: Soil Biology
Effects of solar parks on plant-derived organic matter input to sustain soil biodiversity and functioning
Introduction: Solar parks are a relatively new and rapidly expanding land use to produce renewable energy and meet CO2 reduction targets. However, their impact on soil quality raises concern. Solar parks cause shading and change t ...
Supervisor: Luuk Scholten, Gerlinde de Deyn, Ron de Goede
Department: Soil Biology
Effects of plant diversity and soil type on soil carbon cycling
Managing terrestrial ecosystems to increase the carbon contained in soils can remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. Soil carbon is also key to supporting ecosystem functioning and is therefore critical for sustainable land us ...
Supervisor: Robin Guilmot (SBL); Gabriel Moinet (SBL)
Department: Soil Biology
What drives changes in earthworm community composition across different soil conditions?
Earthworms are among the most important soil fauna. They contribute to the quality of soil by improving soil structure, increasing nutrient mineralisation, mixing residues into the soil, and many other process. Thus, having large  ...
Supervisor: Jan Willem van Groenigen, Ingrid Lubbers
Department: Soil Biology
Insects’ by-products potential on plant and soil
In a circular agriculture, insects are a suitable solution to convert food and crop wastes into premium high-value ingredients for humans, animals and plants. As an insect by-product, frass (excrement) has been studied in several  ...
Supervisor: Ellis Hoffland
Department: Soil Biology
Quantifying the role of root exudates in the cadmium uptake by cacao in Latin America
The context of this project is the uptake of cadmium (Cd) by cacao from tropical soils. Recent EU food safety regulations lowered the allowed Cd content in chocolate. This has large implications for the socio-economic sustainabili ...
Supervisor: Wietse Wiersma, Marie Zwetsloot, Mirjam Pulleman
Department: Soil Biology
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