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Optimizing nutrient use efficiency of strip cropping systems: how does spatial diversity of plant and microbial properties influence soil nutrient cycling?
Strip cropping of multiple species has been proposed as a viable strategy to diversify intensive monocultural production systems through space and time, thereby supporting the transition towards a more sustainable and resilient ag ...
Supervisor: Gerlinde De Deyn and Marie Zwetsloot
Department: Soil Biology
Investigating the interactions between enhanced silicate weathering and growth of N-fixing crops
Weathering of silicate minerals stabilises climate on geologic time scales by consuming CO2. Artificially enhancing weathering rates by mining, crushing and spreading rocks containing silicate minerals has been suggested as a tool ...
Supervisor: dr. Mathilde Hagens (SOC), prof. dr. Ellis Hoffland (SBL)
Department: Soil Biology
Effect of viruses on soil biogeochemical functions
Soil microorganisms play key roles in carbon cycling, plant nutrition, and greenhouse gas production (N2O and CH4). Viruses, by increasing microbial death rates, could strongly affect these processes. Viruses that infect bacteria  ...
Supervisor: Kyle Mason-Jones
Department: Soil Biology
Biological soil quality indicators for agricultural management and environmental impact
Soil quality indicators are important tools for assessing the state of agricultural soils as affected by management practices (e.g. tillage, farming system) or environmental impact (e.g. climate change ). The knowledge generated b ...
Supervisor: Giulia Bongiorno, Else B√ľnemann (FIBL, Research institute of organic agriculture)
Department: Soil Biology
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