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Understanding nutrient cycling in cocoa production systems in Ivory Coast ( Theobroma cacao L. )
Cacao is the most important export crop in west African countries, with Ivory Coast and Ghana producing 70% of the world production, mostly in smallholder plantations. Realized yields however are much less than the potential value ...
Supervisor: A (Ambra) Tosto MSc; Prof. Dr. P.A. (Pieter) Zuidema; L. S. (Lotte) Woittiez MSc
Department: Forest Ecology and Forest Management Group
How does environment and climate (change) affect distribution of Boswellia (Frankincense) tree species?
The general problem: The iconic frankincense is a resin from Boswellia trees (a genus with ca 24 species) that grow in dry areas in the Sahel, Horn of Africa, Southern Arabian peninsula and India. The resin is used as incense, fo ...
Supervisor: FEM group: prof. dr. Frans Bongers ;
Edinburgh Botanical Garden: Dr Alan Forrester

Department: Forest Ecology and Forest Management Group
How did the megafaunal collapse in South America affect tree species composition?
Also possible as Internship At the end of the Pleistocene, around 12,000 y ago, many large animal species went extinct in South America. Although the causes of this big extinction event remain debated, it likely had great cons ...
Supervisor: FEM group: dr. MT (Masha) van der Sande
Other organisation: dr. Marco Raczka (University of Reading, UK)

Department: Forest Ecology and Forest Management Group
TIMTRACE Forensic timber tracing
Also possible as Internship/BSc thesis Illegal logging has been an issue for proper forest management, undermining legal timber exploitation and trade. Up to 50% of the tropical timber traded at the European market is at risk t ...
Supervisor: FEM group: Barbara Rocha Venancio Meyer-Sand OR Laura Boeschoten
Department: Forest Ecology and Forest Management Group
Land-use dynamics and ecosystem services in an agro-forest frontier in Mexico
This Msc thesis is part of the FOREFRONT program which focuses on agro-forest frontier areas. Agro-forest frontiers are the particularly dynamic borders between forested and agricultural land. The program aims is to link the lands ...
Supervisor: FEM group: Madelon Lohbeck
FSE group: Lucas Carvalho Gomes
Advisor GRS group: Mathieu Decuyper

Department: Forest Ecology and Forest Management Group
How do liana functional traits shape liana niches?
Lianas are important component of forest ecosystems, compete with trees, and have a large negative impact on tree diversity and performance, and carbon storage sequestration of the forest. However, little is known about how liana ...
Supervisor: FEM group: Prof.Dr.Ir. L (Lourens) Poorter OR Dr.Ir. FJ (Frank) Sterck
Other organisation: Yajun Chen and Jiaolin Zhang (Xishuangbanna Tropical Botanical Garden, Chinese Academy of Sciences)

Department: Forest Ecology and Forest Management Group
Functional traits across the world
Several topics on functional traits and tree performance, such as: How does hydraulics affect trees in the Amazon? Traits and survival of Bolivian dry & wet species Traits and distribution of Amazon tree species Nutrint s ...
Supervisor: FEM group: Lourens Poorter
Department: Forest Ecology and Forest Management Group
Comparative conifer ecology
Several topics on comparative conifer ecology, such as: How do 30 conifer species cope with drought? Reproductive strategies of conifer species? How do native and exotic conifers impact soils? For more information cont ...
Supervisor: FEM group: Yanyun Song, Lourens Poorter, Frank Sterck
Department: Forest Ecology and Forest Management Group
Forest succession and restoration
What? Secondary forests (SF) recover naturally after agricultural use. 25% of all tropical forests are SF. Why? SF are ideal to study the ecology of succession. SF are important for biodiversity conservation, carbon and water cy ...
Supervisor: Frans Bongers, Lourens Poorter, Marielos Pe�a-Claros, Madelon Lohbeck or Masha van de Sande
Department: Forest Ecology and Forest Management Group
Agroforestry thesis or internship projects
Also internships available. Possible topics include: Food forests in the Netherlands Tropical agroforestry in Latin America (Brazil, Mexico) Agroforestry for restoring degraded agricultural landscapes in Africa & the middl ...
Supervisor: Frans Bongers, Madelon Lohbeck or Pieter Zuidema
Department: Forest Ecology and Forest Management Group
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