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BSc-MSc Thesis and Internship Projects, Wageningen University

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Digital Soil Mapping: Are piezometers useful for soil moisture mapping in space and time
The climate is changing and consequently, the Netherlands has been dealing with droughts and water shortages more frequently. The agricultural sector and water boards are especially being limited by the lack of accurate informatio ...
Supervisor: Titia Mulder (SGL WUR) and Joop Okx (WENR)
Department: Soil Geography and Landscape
A soil-landscape modelling approach for understanding seasonal trends and anomalies in vegetation activity
In this MSc thesis project, you aim to provide a more comprehensive understanding of the ecosystem drivers in relation to observed trends in vegetation activity over large extents, while taking into account local-scale variability ...
Supervisor: Titia Mulder
Department: Soil Geography and Landscape
Litter and fire risk: field, lab and modeling
Leaf litter is the forgotten layer between soils and forestry, despite its strong importance for carbon storage, water fluxes, fire risk and fire impact. In this project you will work on one of the many unknowns regarding litter ...
Supervisor: Main supervisor: dr Cathelijne Stoof
Second supervisor: dr Martine van der Ploeg, dr Jetse Stoorvogel, dr Elmar Veenendaal, depending on the focus of your research

Department: Soil Geography and Landscape
Mapping multiple soil properties using state-of-the-art machine learning
A sub-discipline of soil science, Digital Soil Mapping (DSM), consists in producing computer-assisted soil maps by the use of statistical methods. This relies on the large availability of spatial data, computer power and GIS tools ...
Supervisor: Gerard Heuvelink
Department: Soil Geography and Landscape
Analysis of relationships between soil and landscape properties at different measurement scales
The soil and landscape are characterized by numerous properties, many of which influence each other. For example, we know that erosion rate depends on slope angle, soil type and vegetation cover and we know that the nitrate concen ...
Supervisor: G.B.M. Heuvelink, J.J. Stoorvogel
Department: Soil Geography and Landscape
Holocene evolution of rivers
Why do rivers develop certain river patterns? Why do some rivers meander, while others braid, anastomose or are laterally stable? Knowledge of why these river patterns form is very limited, while such knowledge is vital for long-t ...
Supervisor: Jasper Candel; Bart Makaske; Jakob Wallinga
Department: Soil Geography and Landscape
The role of knowledge and interests in Dutch river restoration decision-making and evaluation
Over the past centuries, streams in many parts of the world were channelized and straightened, resulting in rapid drainage of catchments. In recent decades, it has been increasingly realized that stream channelization has consider ...
Supervisor: Jasper Candel, Jakob Wallinga, Jeroen Candel, Katrien Vermeer
Department: Soil Geography and Landscape
Mapping plant-available water holding capacity of the soil of sub-Saharan Africa to support crop production
In rainfed crop production, the root zone plant-available water holding capacity of the soil has a large influence on crop growth and yield response to management inputs, such as improved seeds and fertilisers. However, maps of th ...
Supervisor: G.B.M. Heuvelink
J.G.B. Leenaars (ISRIC - World Soil Information)

Department: Soil Geography and Landscape
Uncertain data: Probability distribution of soil properties in selected regions of the United States
Information on the probability distribution and variability of soil properties in a region can help to gain understanding of the soilís current state. Generally, the normal distribution is adopted to represent possible values of s ...
Supervisor: Cynthia van Leeuwen (SGL WUR / ISRIC) and Titia Mulder (SGL WUR)
Department: Soil Geography and Landscape
Constraining peat initiation by OSL-dating the pre-peat landscape
Large parts of the Pleistocene sand landscape in the Netherlands were once covered with peat. Most of these organic deposits were lost during peat reclamation and excavation during the past centuries. Many questions regarding the  ...
Supervisor: Cindy Quik (SGL) and Jakob Wallinga (SGL, examinor)
Department: Soil Geography and Landscape
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