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BSc-MSc Thesis and Internship Projects, Wageningen University

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Understanding integrated soil health for targeted biodiversity management
Dutch nature areas are actively managed to achieve desired biodiversity goals but this management often does not include soils. The municipality of Breda wants to understand why they reach biodiversity goals on some sites but not  ...
Supervisor: Cathelijne Stoof, Ingrid Lubbers
Department: Soil Geography and Landscape
Landscape development of a swampy meadow and drowning of ancient oaks in the Binnenveld area (Wageningen)
The fluvial landscape of the Netherlands is characterised by low-energy rivers, often with a meandering or laterally stable channel pattern. However, it is unknown whether streams have always had a clear channel, or that waterflow ...
Supervisor: Jasper Candel (SGL) and Cindy Quik (SGL)
Department: Soil Geography and Landscape
Digital soil mapping with uncertain data
The thesis research begins with getting acquainted with DSM by studying a few key articles and application of DSM to example datasets (using R scripts). Next you will study a known method to incorporate measurement error in regres ...
Supervisor: Gerard Heuvelink en Titia Mulder
Department: Soil Geography and Landscape
Soil-landscape controls and the impact of extreme climatic events on terrestrial ecosystems
Changes in vegetation activity caused by changes in extreme climatic events are of a complex nature since the processes inducing change act on different temporal and spatial scales. Therefore, in order to improve our understanding ...
Supervisor: Titia Mulder
Department: Soil Geography and Landscape
Remote sensing: Mapping of water ponding patterns on agricultural land in Flevoland, The Netherlands
Subsoil compaction can have a detrimental effect on agricultural productivity, through limitation of the root system, disconnection from groundwater, and reduced permeability. The latter of these can result in periodic ponding of  ...
Supervisor: Tijn van Orsouw (SGL WUR) and Titia Mulder (SGL WUR)
Department: Soil Geography and Landscape
Mapping soil exposure in the Netherlands
Knowledge about the spatial and temporal distribution of exposed soils is necessary for e.g., soil degradation mitigation. Earth Observation (EO) is a valuable data source for detecting exposed soils on a large scale. Recently, a  ...
Supervisor: Titia Mulder (SGL) and Anatol Helfenstein (SGL)
Department: Soil Geography and Landscape
An impression of thesis possibilities at Soil Geography and Landscape is provided at https://edu.nl/nkh9f ...
Department: Soil Geography and Landscape
OSL dating the Meuse terraces in northern Limburg: new insights into Late Glacial to Early Holocene terrace chronology and formation?
The current ideas on the origin and chronology of the Late Glacial to Early Holocene Meuse terraces in northern Limburg are based on radiocarbon data. Optically Stimulated Luminescence (OSL) dating is likely to be a more suitable  ...
Supervisor: Bart Makaske
Department: Soil Geography and Landscape
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