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Analysis of surface energy balance and NEE in complex terrain
see website ...
Supervisor: Andy Kowalski
Department: Meteorology and Air Quality Group
Using the ISLCSP-II forcing to generate a global climatology of soil moisture, snow cover and soil temperatures
Het doorrekenen van de mondiale land-hydrologie en energie-huishouding adhv de ISLSCP-II forcering. ISLSCP-II is een 10-jarige update van de bekende ISLSCP-I database, en bevat een mondiale forcering van neerslag, straling, tempe ...
Supervisor: Bart van den Hurk, KNMI
Department: Meteorology and Air Quality Group
Universidad de Sonora, Mexico (Departamento de Física) Surface energy balance in agricultural and natural vegetation
contact Arnold Moene ...
Department: Meteorology and Air Quality Group
Werk mee aan de beste stralingsmeters ter wereld
In overleg. Bijv. vergelijking van stralingsmeters op meteoveld Veenkampen met een secondaire standaard (direct herleidbaar tot de primaire standaard van de WMO). Om de kwaliteit van de instrumenten die Kipp en Zonen produceert ...
Supervisor: Kipp en Zonen
Department: Meteorology and Air Quality Group
Automtic quality checks for eddy-covariance fluxes. At KNMI the eddy-covariance fluxes were hand-checked until now. Now they want to automated that, without loosing the high quality of there flux data
To devise and implement procedures to detect (and if needed correct) errors in eddy-covariance data and derived fluxes. The eddy-covariance method is by now the reference method to determine surface fluxes of heat, water vapour,  ...
Supervisor: Fred Bosveld (KNMI)
Department: Meteorology and Air Quality Group
Ecofys wind turbine test site: LiDAR Validation study, Wakes study, Turbulent effect of the forest, Wind Data Pre-Processing Tool 'Spider'
Test Site Lelystad – a full service wind turbine testing facility – provides a comprehensive range of facilities for prototype testing, infrastructure, wind measurements and wind turbine testing services. With 10 positions for win ...
Supervisor: Erik Holtslag (E.Holtslag@ecofys.com)
Department: Meteorology and Air Quality Group
Risoe Institute (Roskilde, Denmark) Wind patterns and relation to wind energy
see website ...
Supervisor: http://www.dtu.dk/Service/Telefonbog.aspx?lg=showcommon&type=publications&id=38590
Department: Meteorology and Air Quality Group
Boundary-Layer research at the University of Virginia
see Home page of Atmospheric Sciences at the University of Virginia ...
Supervisor: Stephan de Wekker (BWA alumnus)
Department: Meteorology and Air Quality Group
Gebruik van meteorologische gegevens voor verwachting opbrengst windturbines
Om de vraag en aanbod op het gebied van electriciteit af te stemmen, is het sinds kort voor alle electriciteitsproducenten verplicht een opgave in te leveren van de hoeveel electriciteit die zij de eerst komende 36 uur gaan produc ...
Supervisor: Erik Holtslag / Standplaats Ecofys, Utrecht
Department: Meteorology and Air Quality Group
Research into an improved of probabilistic forecasting system for severe weather
General information The group R&D Weather and Climate models develops, improves, runs and analyses weather and climate models for products like weather forecasts and climate projections, based on knowledge on the major physical p ...
Supervisor: Maurice Schmeits (KNMI)
Department: Meteorology and Air Quality Group
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