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Sustainable NTFP exploitation in a national park in Palawan, Philippines
The Centre for Sustainability (CS) in the Philippines is a non-profit environmental organisation working on sustainable community development in Palawan. Through the Student Program, CS gives students from around the globe the opp ...
Supervisor: Staff at Centre for Sustainability, Palawan, Philippines
Pieter Zuidema

Department: Forest Ecology and Forest Management Group
Pioneer Mimosa and their life history in the dry tropics
Also possible as Internship. Old-growth tropical dry forests are continuously decreasing in area because of land use change. Slash-and-burn agriculture is a common practice used in the tropics to open areas for agriculture. The ...
Supervisor: Ursula Revilla, Frans Bongers, Marielos Pe�a-Claros
Department: Forest Ecology and Forest Management Group
Future ash trees - screening and selection of common ash for resistance to ash dieback
Ash dieback spreads across Europe and causes leaf loss, crown dieback and bark lesions in affected ash trees (Fraxinus excelsior). Once a tree is infected the disease is usually fatal. Results from Denmark indicate that ca 1% of a ...
Supervisor: FEM group: dr.ir. J (Jan) den Ouden
Centre for Genetic Resources, the Netherlands: dr.ir. P (Paul) Copini

Department: Forest Ecology and Forest Management Group
Tropical wood density unraveled: effects of species, climate and tree size
Tropical forests store vast amounts of carbon and thus play an crucial role in the global carbon cycle. Changes in the carbon sequestration of tropical forests will thus have strong consequences for future climate: tropical forest ...
Supervisor: Prof. Dr. P.A. (Pieter) Zuidema; Dr. U. (Ute) Sass-Klaassen;
Department: Forest Ecology and Forest Management Group
The distribution of genetic diversity of main tree species over Europe
Genetic diversity (GD) is the base of adaptation to environmental changes such as climate change. To use and conserve GD, Gene Conservation Units (GCUs) are installed throughout Europe (see: www.eufgis.org; www.euforgen.org). The  ...
Supervisor: FEM group: Koen Kramer, Frits Mohren
Other organisation: prof. Dr. K�rkk�inen Katri (Luke) katri.karkkainen@luke.fi; Dr. Vakkari Pekka (Luke) <pekka.vakkari@luke.fi>

Department: Forest Ecology and Forest Management Group
Stem cell development compared across species: from cambium to xylem and phloem cells
Xylem and phloem cell development in plant stems has been described in qualitative sense, but comparative and quantitative analyses that are required for understanding differences in stem development and functioning across plant s ...
Supervisor: FEM group: Frank Sterck, Ute Sass-Klaassen
Other organisation: Professor Fritz Schweingruber, Roman Zweifel (WSL, Switzerland)

Department: Forest Ecology and Forest Management Group
Planting strategies for reforestation of dryland areas
Topic ia also suitable for more students, or as an Internship Reforestation of dryland areas is a major challenge the coming decade. If natural regeneration is not an option or too slow, planting may be necessary. Key questions ...
Supervisor: FEM group: Prof.dr. Koen Kramer, Prof.dr.ir. Frits Mohren
Land Life Company: Harrie Lovenstein

Department: Forest Ecology and Forest Management Group
Effects of extreme drought on tree species selecting species and provenances under climate change
Also possible as MSc internship (24 credtis)/ BSc thesis (mainly literature study) The extreme 2018 drought was one of the most severe and long-lasting summer droughts ever recorded. Several tree species showed high mortality  ...
Supervisor: dr.ir. P (Paul) Copini
dr. UGW (Ute) Sass-Klaassen

Department: Forest Ecology and Forest Management Group
How old is this tropical forest tree? (And how to estimate that?)
Theres a lot of discussion about the (maximum) ages of trees in tropical forests. Some scientists consider that thousand-year old trees are rather common, while others believe this is unlikely. Apart from this fundamental questio ...
Supervisor: Prof. Dr. P.A. (Pieter) Zuidema
Department: Forest Ecology and Forest Management Group
Nesting sites for the endemic and endangered Blue-throated Macaw
The Blue-throated Macaw (Ara glaucogularis) is an endemic and critically endangered parrot species inhabiting palm forest islands, located on elevated soils surrounded by natural grassland in the threatened Beni savanna ecoregion, ...
Supervisor: Lourens Poorter
Other organisation: Tjalle Boorsma (Asociaci�n Civil Armon�a)

Department: Forest Ecology and Forest Management Group
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