Project properties

Title Effects of extreme drought on tree species � selecting species and provenances under climate change
Group Forest Ecology and Forest Management Group
Project type thesis
Credits 36/39
Supervisor(s) P (Paul) Copini

Examiner(s) J (Jan) den Ouden
Contact info
Begin date 2021/01/01
End date
Description Also possible as MSc internship (24 credtis)/ BSc thesis (mainly literature study)

The extreme 2018 drought was one of the most severe and long-lasting summer droughts ever recorded. Several tree species showed high mortality whereas others where less affected. In this project we study the effect of extreme drought years on productivity and resilience of several tree species using a tree-ring approach.

[Climate change effects / Population and forest dynamics/ Sustainable forest management/ Ecophysiology / Tree ring analyses and wood anatomy / The Netherlands/ Temperate zone]

Corona proof: field work (abroad) or intensive lab studies required=>suitable to be conducted in Corona time
Used skills
Requirements - WEC-31806 Ecological Methods I, or a comparable alternative course;
- One FEM course (at least), depending on the topic of the thesis: FEM-30306 Forest Ecology and Forest Management, FEM-30806 Resource Dynamics Sustainable Utilization, FEM-32306 Agroforestry, or Models for Ecological Systems FEM-31806

BSc thesis: minimal 120 credits