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BSc-MSc Thesis and Internship Projects, Wageningen University

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DNA metabarcoding to study feeding ecology of juvenile flatfish in the North Sea surfzone
Larvae of flatfish are born in the North Sea and drift towards the coast and Wadden Sea where they settle in the relative warm and food rich areas. There they are able to grow fast and when they have become large enough they head  ...
Supervisor: Ingrid Tulp, Reindert Nijland

Department: Marine Animal Ecology
Environmental DNA metabarcoding from North Sea samples using MinION DNA sequencing
To monitor biodiversity in the North Sea, usually samples are taken either by fishing gear or grabs, or through direct collection by divers. A new method that adds to this is studying DNA that is present in the water column, so ca ...
Supervisor: Reindert Nijland
Department: Marine Animal Ecology
Marine Biodiversity assessment by Cas9 based target enrichment and Nanopore DNA sequencing
In this project you will develop an innovative method using a Cas9 enzyme to prepare a sequencing library by targeting mitochondrial DNA from a variety of marine species. You will then sequence this enriched library using state of ...
Supervisor: Reindert Nijland
Department: Marine Animal Ecology
Unveiling diet composition of flatfish in the North Sea using DNA-based methods.
Flatfish species such as plaice (Pleuronectes platessa) and sole (Solea solea) are important species for fisheries and are targeted by fishing fleets since the eary nineteenth century. Currently, beam trawling catches flatfish eff ...
Supervisor: Karlijn Doorenspleet
Reindert Nijland

Department: Marine Animal Ecology
Effects of lost fishing gear on marine flora and fauna in the North Sea and Adriatic Sea
Lost and abandoned fishing gear (LAFG) has been identified as a large contributor to marine plastic pollution. Once lost in the ocean fishing gear is continuously capturing marine life that is getting entangled and often perishes. ...
Supervisor: Erik Wurz, Diede Maas
Department: Marine Animal Ecology
Nature versus nurture: to what extent does mussel genotype affect performance; an experimental approach
Mussels of the Mytilus spp can be divided into different subspecies that show a distinct geographical distribution. Along the European coast M. galloprovincialis is found in the southern regions (Iberia, Mediterranean), M. edulis  ...
Supervisor: Martine van den Heuvel-Greve
Jacob Capelle

Department: Marine Animal Ecology
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