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BSc-MSc Thesis and Internship Projects, Wageningen University

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The relationship between historical river dynamics and human habitation near Wageningen
Historical, geographical and archaeological data suggest a relationship between the geomorphological dynamics of the river Nederrijn and the history of human habitation around Wageningen since early Roman times. Shifts in the rive ...
Supervisor: Bart Makaske
Roy van Beek

Department: Soil Geography and Landscape
River planforms; how do sharp river bends form in low-energy rivers?
Throughout the world, different river planforms in all types of geological settings can be found. Very distinguishable planforms exist in lowland rivers in the Netherlands, where river bends tend to be rectangular and skewed, op ...
Supervisor: Jasper Candel, Bart Vermeulen, Ton Hoitink
Department: Soil Geography and Landscape
Landscape development of a swampy meadow and drowning of ancient oaks in the Binnenveld area (Wageningen)
The fluvial landscape of the Netherlands is characterised by low-energy rivers, often with a meandering or laterally stable channel pattern. However, it is unknown whether streams have always had a clear channel, or that waterflow ...
Supervisor: Jasper Candel (SGL) and Cindy Quik (SGL)
Department: Soil Geography and Landscape
Digital Soil Mapping of land degradation risks in Africa
You will work in an area in Africa and develop maps that provide insight in specific land degradation risks related to soils, ecosystem dynamics and agriculture. The specific study area will be chosen by the people working at the  ...
Supervisor: Titia Mulder (SGL WUR) and Leigh Ann Winowiecki (ICRAF, Kenya)
Department: Soil Geography and Landscape
Digital Soil Mapping: Random Forest spatial interpolation
The thesis research will begin with a literature review of machine learning for soil mapping. Next you will study the RFSI algorithm and apply it to a test dataset. This is all done in R, using existing scripts that need slight mo ...
Supervisor: Gerard Heuvelink
Department: Soil Geography and Landscape
Determination of Fungal Biomass using VNIR/MIR spectroscopy
VNIR and MIR spectroscopy for analysing physicochemical soil properties has proven to be efficient and relatively accurate compared to wet chemistry methods. Recently, studies have started exploring the use of VNIR/MIR spectroscop ...
Supervisor: Titia Mulder (SGL), Rachel Creamer (SBL), Fenny van Egmond (WENR)
Department: Soil Geography and Landscape
National Scale Predictions of Soil Organic Matter: Mechanistic vs. Machine Learning Models
Soil Organic Matter (SOM) plays an important role in climate change mitigation and contributes to soil fertility by enhancing the availability of plant nutrients, improving moisture retention, stabilizing soil structure and increa ...
Supervisor: Anatol Helfenstein (SGL), Titia Mulder (SGL), Chantal Hendriks (WEnR)
Department: Soil Geography and Landscape
Proximal sensing: Investigating relations between bulk density and penetration resistance measurements in relation to soil compaction
Both in field penetration resistance and bulk density measurements are heavily dependent on soil moisture content at the time of in-field measurement. Currently, little is known about what the impact of the timing is on final farm ...
Supervisor: Titia Mulder (SGL WUR) and Fenny van Egmond (WENR)
Department: Soil Geography and Landscape
Sampling design: Comparison of national and LUCAS soil monitoring schemes and propose improvements based on geometry and aim.
The “Land Use/Cover Area frame statistical Survey Soil” (LUCAS Soil) is an extensive and regular topsoil survey that is carried out across the European Union to derive policy relevant statistics on the impact of land management on ...
Supervisor: Titia Mulder (SGL WUR) and Martin Knotters (WENR)
Department: Soil Geography and Landscape
Validation of the Dutch Soil Map
The Dutch Soil Map is a vector map containing information about the soil type and soil properties. Contemporary research aims to create digital soil maps of the soil properties and their uncertainties. Therefore, it would be inter ...
Supervisor: Titia Mulder (SGL WUR) and Joop Okx (WENR)
Department: Soil Geography and Landscape
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