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Mapping and Genetic analysis in polyploid crops
In diploid crops, the use of molecular markers for genetic mapping, discovery of genomic regions involved in traits and selection for these traits in breeding is becoming a standard tool. For polyploid crops, however, (e.g. potato ...
Supervisor: Chris Maliepaard, Roeland Voorrips
Department: Plant Breeding, Laboratory of
Functional analysis of flavour-related genes of tomato
Taste is an important trait in tomato breeding. Due to its complex multifactorial nature, breeding for improved taste has always been difficult. In the past five years we have been participating in a large research program aimed  ...
Supervisor: Dr. Arnaud Bovy (arnaud.bovy@wur.nl), Dr. Sjaak van Heusden (sjaak.vanheusden@wur.nl)
Department: Plant Breeding, Laboratory of
Lupinus mutabilis: using natural diversity as a breeding tool
Research on protein crops has become fundamental to address the growing demand for plant protein production for food and feed worldwide. To reduce the current dependency on soybean, it is important to find new sustainable alternat ...
Supervisor: Prof.dr. Luisa Trindade and Agata Gulisano
Department: Plant Breeding, Laboratory of
Role of Arf3 in leafy head development: Cellular observation of leaf parenchyma in pakchoi overexpressing Arf3
Brassica species display enormous phenotypic variation, including leafy vegetables (heading Chinese cabbage, non-heading pakchoi), tuber crops (turnips) and oilcrops. Brassica genomes all have undergone a whole genome triplication ...
Supervisor: Dr. Guusje Bonnema, XiaoXue Sun
Department: Plant Breeding, Laboratory of
Broad spectrum insect resistance in tomato
Cultivated tomato (Solanum lycopersicum) is attacked by a wide range of insects. These cause severe damage, both directly through feeding and indirectly by the viruses they transmit. Resistance against insects is found in wild rel ...
Supervisor: Lotte Caarls, Ben Vosman
Department: Plant Breeding, Laboratory of
Genetic mapping of a novel potato late blight resistance gene
Late blight, caused by Phytophthora infestans, is the most devastating disease for potato crops. Sustainable and durable resistance strategies are currently not available however stacking of multiple resistance genes (R genes) is  ...
Supervisor: Jack Vossen, Gert van Arkel
Department: Plant Breeding, Laboratory of
Genetic base of self/non-self recognition in button mushrooms (Champignon)
Description: Mycelia of filamentous fungi are capable of anastomosis (fusion between mycelia) when growing on an organic substrate and will thus form a network. This network is used to transport nutrient to growing areas (usually  ...
Supervisor: Anton Sonnenberg, Karin Scholtmeijer & Fons Debets
Department: Plant Breeding, Laboratory of
Cultivating the termite fungus Termitomyces
Termites in Africa and Asia cultivate fungi of the genus Termitomyces. During millions of years the termites have cultivated their fungi and selected them to become domesticated crops. The fruiting bodies of these fungi, mushrooms ...
Supervisor: Sabine Vreeburg
Department: Plant Breeding, Laboratory of
Identification of recessive alleles of candidate genes in potato
This projects aims to identify allelic variants of important genes in potato genomes. At Plant Breeding we have collected DNA sequence information of a large number of potato varieties. Bioinformatic analysis can identify alleles  ...
Supervisor: Herman van Eck and Corentin Clot
Department: Plant Breeding, Laboratory of
Can we steer plant development to improve potato yield?
Potato is the most important staple food crop in the world after cereals. Its cultivation is widespread in all continents and increasing over time. In our team we use a variety of molecular approaches to investigate aspects of pot ...
Supervisor: Sara Bergonzi, Li Shi
Department: Plant Breeding, Laboratory of
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