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CrypTicks: Virus-induced behaviour of ticks
Tick-borne encephalitis virus (TBE) is a virus transmitted by ticks. This virus is mainly found in Asia and Eastern-Europe. However, since 2016, this virus is also found in The Netherlands. TBEV can cause encephalitis in humans an ...
Supervisor: Julian Bakker, Sander Koenraadt
Department: Entomology, Laboratory of
Insect Neurobiology: Memory of fear - Enemy avoidance learning in caterpillars
Herbivores often change their behavior in the presents of their natural enemy. These non-lethal effects of the natural enemy on the herbivore often have an even stronger ecological impact than the actual killing of the herbivore b ...
Supervisor: Alexander Haverkamp, Hans Smid
Department: Entomology, Laboratory of
Insect Neurobiology: Bigger bodies - better brains?
During their development the weight of a caterpillar increases more then 10.000 times. Nonetheless, it is widely assumed that their brains stay the same through out their development. In this thesis we will test this assumption  ...
Supervisor: Alexander Haverkamp
Department: Entomology, Laboratory of
Insect Neurobiology: Viruses controlling the insect brain
Parasitoids of the genus Cotesia place their eggs inside a specific caterpillar host. The eggs hatch and the larvae feed on the caterpillar from the inside until they finally emerge to pupate just outside the caterpillar. Toget ...
Supervisor: Alexander Haverkamp
Department: Entomology, Laboratory of
Finding novel repellents against mosquitoes
Female mosquitoes are attracted to humans and animals by odours produced by skin bacteria. Humans differ considerably in their degree of attractiveness to mosquitoes. Less attractive individuals might release lower amounts of att ...
Supervisor: Sander Koenraadt
Joop van Loon

Department: Entomology, Laboratory of
Foraging success of parasitoids in diverse agro-ecosystems: How to be efficient under diverse conditions?
Parasitoids are evolved to find their host in a diverse system. It is hypothesized that increased vegetation diversity will enhance their performance in the field. However, responses of parasitic wasps to habitat diversification a ...
Supervisor: Erik Poelman, Marcel Dicke
Department: Entomology, Laboratory of
Influence of weather conditions on parasitoid foraging behavior
Parasitoid foraging in a controlled laboratory environment is well understood, but less is known about factors that influence host location behaviour under more natural conditions. Herbivore-induced plant volatiles (HIPVs) which  ...
Supervisor: Ilka Vosteen
Erik Poelman

Department: Entomology, Laboratory of
Plant responses to multiple herbivory: Role of initial herbivore identity in shaping subsequent herbivore community.
Plants play a central role in many ecological interactions, of which herbivory by insects is a major component. Upon herbivore attack, plants deploy defence mechanisms and by doing so alter their phenotype. This can have profound  ...
Supervisor: Daan Mertens
Erik Poelman

Department: Entomology, Laboratory of
Mosquito magnet: is some human blood better than others?
Humans differ in attractiveness to malaria mosquitoes, based on the odour of their sweat. But why do malaria mosquitoes have this preference for certain humans? We hypothesize that mosquitoes can smell the human blood composition  ...
Supervisor: Marieke de Swart, Dr. Sander Koenraadt
Department: Entomology, Laboratory of
Control of malaria mosquito pathogens
The mosquito Anopheles coluzzii transmits malaria and is therefore one of the most dangerous vector species in the world. In the Laboratory of Entomology we focus on novel tools to control this mosquito. In our rearing we normally ...
Supervisor: Jeroen Spitzen
Pieter Rouweler

Department: Entomology, Laboratory of
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