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BSc-MSc Thesis and Internship Projects, Wageningen University

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Quantification of biocontrol services from diversified cropping systems through farming systems experiments
Keywords: Field experiments, Netherlands, intercropping, bio-control ecosystem services, agro-ecology. In this project you will investigate the potential of crop diversification on biocontrol services. Crop diversification thr ...
Supervisor: Dirk van Apeldoorn
Department: Farming Systems Ecology
Climate Smart Agriculture: A pathway to resilient farming systems?
INTRODUCTION Climate change¬†threatens agricultural production and increases the vulnerability of people dependent on agriculture for their livelihoods. Climate-smart agriculture (CSA) is a set of practices that have been propose ...
Supervisor: Dr. Vivian Valencia, Research Fellow
Department: Farming Systems Ecology
Remote agronomy (@ Droevendaal Experimental Farm)
Introduction Most productive modern agro-ecosystems are characterised by an increased homogenisation in space and time. It is hypothesised that as a result of this homogenisation agricultural systems will be increasingly sensitiv ...
Supervisor: Dirk van Apeldoorn
Department: Farming Systems Ecology
Multi-objective optimization of diversification options in smallholder farms under disease pressure
This proposed research will be conducted on smallholder farms in eastern Democratic Republic of Congo in the framework of the Humidtropics programme of the CGIAR, which aims at improving smallholder livelihoods in an integrated in ...
Supervisor: Jeroen Groot (FSE), Guy Blomme (Ethiopia), Walter Ocimati (Uganda/DRC)
Department: Farming Systems Ecology
Matchmaking for crops
The realization that the current species poor agricultural systems lead to a variety of problems, both on and off the field, has led to an increased interest in diversifying cropping systems by growing two or more crops concurren ...
Supervisor: Dr. Annet Westhoek, FSE
Department: Farming Systems Ecology
Mapping of management techniques and soil quality on La Junquera, Spain - Lighthouse Network
Objectives: map the farm (using FarmDesign) and make a detailed visualization of the whole farm in which the different management techniques, crops, and soil types are shown. This map will be used and improved by the farmer and  ...
Supervisor: Annemiek Pas Schrijver
Department: Farming Systems Ecology
Quantification of soil ecosystem services from diversified cropping systems through farming systems experiments
Keywords: soil ecology, field experiments, Netherlands, nutrient management, intercropping, ecosystem services In this project you will contribute to realise the full potential of crop diversification through rotation, intercro ...
Supervisor: Dirk van Apeldoorn
Department: Farming Systems Ecology
BSc - Topics on agro-ecosystems diversity
Spring and summer 2017 at innovative farms in NL Introduction Today‚Äôs intensive agriculture is dominated by large scale monocultures which highly depend on high external inputs like fossil fuels, synthetic fertilizer and pesti ...
Supervisor: Dirk van Apeldoorn
Department: Farming Systems Ecology
Policy and Communications Intern at the European Council for Young Farmers (CEJA)
Objectives: To develop a deeper understanding of agriculture and young farmer advocacy process at the European level and gain hands-on experience in working for a small international organization. Activities: Involvement in ev ...
Supervisor: Blair van Pelt
Department: Farming Systems Ecology
Improving quality and yield of organic essential oils in Morocco
THESIS or INTERNSHIP possible At PhytoProd in Morocco our 250ha of farming land are organically certified, under both US & UE standards. The entire crop is dedicated to supply our state-of-the-art distillation & extraction plan ...
Supervisor: Walter Rossing
Department: Farming Systems Ecology
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