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Tree morphology changes by fertilization and herbivory
Research goal Rock dust, a ground rock that acts as a slow-release fertilizer, has become immensely popular in forest management. In ecosystems degraded by enhanced nitrogen deposition, soil health is expected to increase with th ...
Supervisor: dr.ir. J (Jan) den Ouden
S (Sylvana) Harmsen MSc

Department: Forest Ecology and Forest Management Group
Species database for complex agroforestry systems (& food forests) in Northwest Europe
Also possible as MSc internship Complex agroforestry systems or food forests harbour large numbers of species. But what species are useful for what purposes, and under what environmental conditions? And what management may inc ...
Supervisor: Jordy van Eijk
dr. Alejandra Hernandez Guzman

Department: Forest Ecology and Forest Management Group
Tree ring analysis in the Netherlands: At which forest density do trees best withstand hot and dry conditions?
Forest density reductions are suggested to protect our forests from future dry and hot conditions. However, effectiveness of density reductions remains incongruent and not adequately tested. This is primarily due to the lack of ex ...
Supervisor: prof.dr.ir. FJ (Frank) Sterck, ACE (Eva) Meijers MSc, dr. M (Monique) Weemstra
Department: Forest Ecology and Forest Management Group
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