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Is freezing tolerance the main determinant of species' altitudinal limits?
This thesis will be carried out within the framework of a PhD research entitled: Climatic effects on plant species distribution along an altitudinal gradient in Nepal. It is becoming more and more evident that climate change is  ...
Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Ir. Lourens Poorter or Dr. Ir. Frank Sterck
Department: Forest Ecology and Forest Management Group
Leaf harvesting and resin tapping of African mahogany trees: how sustainable is it?
Internship or MSC thesis Local people harvest wild plants for their living in heterogeneous, fragmented landscapes in the Tropics. In Western Africa, the collection of products from the African mahogany tree (Khaya senegalensis ...
Supervisor: FEM group: Dr. Pieter (P.A.) Zuidema, Dr. Ute (U.) Sass-Klaassen
Other organisation: Dr. Orou G. Gaoue (University of Hawaii at Manoa, USA)

Department: Forest Ecology and Forest Management Group
Dynamics of forest islands in a Bolivian savanna, and regeneration of the Motcu palm, a key resource for an endemic maca
150 years of extensive cattle ranching, grassland burning by farmers and deforestation have altered the state of the endangered Beni savanna ecoregion. Barba Azul Nature Reserve (11.000 ha) is the only reserve protecting this thre ...
Supervisor: FEM group: Lourens Poorter
Other organisation: Tjalle Boorsma (Asociación Civil Armonía)

Department: Forest Ecology and Forest Management Group
Climate effects on tree growth and mortality during secondary succession in a Mexican tropical wet forest
Secondary forests that are regrowing after agricultural fields are abandoned now comprise more than half of the tropical forest area, and are expected to expand in area in the future. They play an important role in the global carb ...
Supervisor: Frans Bongers
Department: Forest Ecology and Forest Management Group
Drought resistance of chestnut growing in Dutch forests
Also possible as MSc internship Chestnut (Castanea sativa) is discussed as interesting species if it comes to making Dutch forest more resilient to climate change. By applying tree-ring research it becomes possible to check the ...
Supervisor: dr.ir. P (Paul) Copini dr. UGW (Ute) Sass-Klaassen
Department: Forest Ecology and Forest Management Group
Hydraulic functional composition along succession in a Neotropical wet forest
Also available as internship. Droughts are thought to increase in frequency and intensity in the future. Yet, it is not well understood how tropical forests will respond to such environmental change. A particular emphasis has to  ...
Supervisor: FEM group: R (Rodrigo) Muñoz Aviles, L (Lourens) Poorter
Other organisation: Miguel Martínez-Ramos (IIES – UNAM, Mexico)

Department: Forest Ecology and Forest Management Group
Securing the future of the Amazon (or Brazil) nut by large-scale enrichment planting
Internship or thesis Amazon nuts are an important product that is generally harvested from natural tree populations in many parts of the Bolivian, Peruvian and Brazilian Amazon rain forest. It provides income to many people in  ...
Supervisor: M. Jansen (external, ETH Zurich)
Department: Forest Ecology and Forest Management Group
Primary succession on sandy soils
Context: Long-term research on primary succession on sandy soils on the northern Veluwe (J. Fanta, K. Prach, K. Ujházy) Topic: Primary succession and vegetation development on previously moving sands on the Veluwe area Tasks: re ...
Supervisor: Fem group: Frits Mohren
Brno (CZ): Karel Prach

Department: Forest Ecology and Forest Management Group
The role of wild ungulates on Dutch temperate forests
Plant animal interactions in Dutch temperate forests. Understanding the effect that wild animals have on forest development and possible cascading effects. For this project we are interested in determining the dose-response cur ...
Supervisor: FEM group: Prof.Dr.Ir L (Lourens) Poorter; Dr.Ir. J (Jan) den Ouden; JI (Juan) Ramirez Chiriboga
REG group: Dr. Ir. PA (Patrick) Jansen

Department: Forest Ecology and Forest Management Group
Fire and drought resistance of Jamaica’s forests; a long-term perspective
Climate change and human disturbances over the last millennia have shaped tropical forests into how we see them today. A better understanding of how tropical forests responded to these pressures in the past may help us understand  ...
Supervisor: FEM group: dr. MT (Masha) van der Sande
Other organisation: S. Yoshi Maezumi (University of the West Indies, Mona, Jamaica)

Department: Forest Ecology and Forest Management Group
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