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BSc-MSc Thesis and Internship Projects, Wageningen University

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Pioneer Mimosa and their life history in the dry tropics
Also possible as Internship. Old-growth tropical dry forests are continuously decreasing in area because of land use change. Slash-and-burn agriculture is a common practice used in the tropics to open areas for agriculture. The ...
Supervisor: Ursula Revilla, Frans Bongers, Marielos Pe�a-Claros
Department: Forest Ecology and Forest Management Group
Forest succession and restoration
What? Secondary forests (SF) recover naturally after agricultural use. 25% of all tropical forests are SF. Why? SF are ideal to study the ecology of succession. SF are important for biodiversity conservation, carbon and water cy ...
Supervisor: Frans Bongers, Lourens Poorter, Marielos Pe�a-Claros, Madelon Lohbeck or Masha van de Sande
Department: Forest Ecology and Forest Management Group
Tropical forest management - thesis and internship topics
Thesis and internship topics available on tropical forest management. Some possibilities: Logging effect on forest dynamics and forest productivity Provision of ecosystem services of managed forests Forest soils and logging ...
Supervisor: Marielos Pe�a-Claros and/or Pieter Zuidema
Department: Forest Ecology and Forest Management Group
Understanding fire resilience of Chiquitano dry forests in Bolivia
Also possible as MSc Internship Over the last years, the fires in the Amazon have reached global headlines. Although most media attention has focused on Brazil, the rate of deforestation and fire-affected areas have increased  ...
Supervisor: FEM group: dr. MT (Masha) van der Sande
Other organisation: Geovana Carre�o (Museo de Historia Natural Noel Kempff Mercado, Bolivia)

Department: Forest Ecology and Forest Management Group
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