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Welgevonden: Predator-prey interactions in Welgevonden Game Reserve, South-Africa
To improve our understanding of the popular concept of landscape of fear, we want to try to get a grasp of the choices made by prey to avoid predation and by predators to find and catch prey. We will exploit an existing GPS da ...
Supervisor: Dr. Joost de Jong
Department: Wildlife Ecology and Conservation group
The distribution of African Mammals, the quest for patterns and processes
The explanation of patterns in species richness ranks among the most fundamental issues in ecology. One of the major topics of our group is the explanation of patterns in African herbivore species richness. The African mammal data ...
Supervisor: Dr. Fred de Boer, Dr. Frank van Langevelde
Department: Wildlife Ecology and Conservation group
Winter food for Geese in China: remote sensing and fieldwork
Geese and ducks overwinter at temporate latitudes such as in the Netherlands but also in China. In China many geese and ducks use recessional grasslands that become available if the water from rivers and lakes withdraws to lower l ...
Supervisor: Fred de Boer
Department: Wildlife Ecology and Conservation group
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