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BSc-MSc Thesis and Internship Projects, Wageningen University

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Compositional shifts in migratory birds: Time series analysis of captures at Dutch bird-ringing stations
Anthropogenic environmental change puts a high pressure on birds. The most common threats include climate change, food decline, habitat loss and (illegal) killings (Bairlein, 2016). Land birds that migrate between their breeding h ...
Supervisor: Patrick Jansen, Henk van der Jeugd (NIOO-KNAW)
Department: Wildlife Ecology and Conservation group
Distribution of the invasive American mink on islands in the Baltic Sea
The invasive American mink is expanding its distribution in Fennoscandia. at the same time it is invading islands in the Baltic Sea, threathening colonies of ground-breeding native birds. We are looking for a student who will join ...
Supervisor: Dr. Anouschka Hof
Dr. Tomas Brodin (Ume� University, Sweden)

Department: Wildlife Ecology and Conservation group
Resilience of semiarid cattle rangelands to drought (Mexico; MSc thesis or internship)
Thesis or internship. Tropical forests are being rapidly converted into treeless pastures used for extensive livestock grazing. However, trees may play a key role on the resilience of pastures to climate change. Trees can amel ...
Supervisor: Ivan Hernandez Salmeron & Milena Holmgren
Department: Wildlife Ecology and Conservation group
Internship Free Nature: habitat and diet preferences of ungulates
The Foundation for Restoring European Ecosystems, in short FREE Nature, is an organization that focuses on the recovery and development of ‘wild’ nature. The core of their activity is the restoration of natural processes, in parti ...
Supervisor: Dr. Anouschka Hof
Dr. Joost de Jong
roeland Vermeulen MSc (Free nature)

Department: Wildlife Ecology and Conservation group
Is egg morphology related to female condition? A longitudinal study in a long-lived seabird
The size, volume, shape, colouration and patterning of avian eggs are highly variable, both within and between species. Although several hypotheses have been proposed (and tested), factors explaining intra-specific variation in eg ...
Supervisor: kevin.matson@wur.nl; http://www.wageningenur.nl/en/Persons/Kevin-KD-Kevin-Matson-PhD.htm
coraline.bichet@ifv-vogelwarte.de; https://coralinebichet.wordpress.com/

Department: Wildlife Ecology and Conservation group
Herbivore-Plant-Soil interactions in semiarid Caribbean islands (Bonaire)
Overgrazing by goats is considered the most serious threat to the terrestrial ecosystems of the Caribbean Netherlands (Coblentz 1980). Goat browsing has reduced the abundance of trees while facilitating the spread of thorny shrubs ...
Supervisor: Pim van Hooft (REG), Milena Holmgren (REG)
Dolfi Debrot (IMARES)

Department: Wildlife Ecology and Conservation group
Internships bij Ecologisch adviesbureau Natuurbalans, Nijmegen: ecologisch advies aan overheden
Ecologisch adviesbureau Natuurbalans ("Limes Divergens") uit Nijmegen verzorgt ecologisch onderzoek en advies in heel Nederland. De 18 medewerkers hebben een brede kennis van flora, zoogdieren, vogels, reptielen, amfibieën, vissen ...
Supervisor: Dr ir Ignas Heitkonig
Department: Wildlife Ecology and Conservation group
Integrating avian life history, physiology and immune function: are natural antibodies at the nexus of phylogeny, life history, and disease reservoir competence?
Complex relationships exist between phylogeny, life history, disease reservoir competence, and immune function. One component of the immune system that might serve as a nexus linking the other factors is "natural antibodies" (or N ...
Supervisor: Kevin Matson
Department: Wildlife Ecology and Conservation group
Internship at the Province of Gelderland, the Netherlands: Monitoring of wildlife underpasses and overpasses
The Dutch province of Gelderland has built a large number of wildlife underpasses and overpasses to mitigate the negative effects of the dense road network on mammals. Most of theses wildlife crossings have undergone some monitori ...
Supervisor: Dr ir Patrick Jansen (REG)
Thijs Buurman & Olga van der Veer (Provincie Gelderland)

Department: Wildlife Ecology and Conservation group
Ladakh, India: Insects and aquatic bugs in the Himalayas
The Resource Ecology Group has been working the last 12 years in the Trans-Himalayan area of Ladakh. This area of India lies between the Himalayas and Tibet (China). Its capital city is Leh, situated at about 3400 m above sea leve ...
Supervisor: Dr. Joost de Jong

Department: Wildlife Ecology and Conservation group
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