Project properties

Title Internship at the Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency: "Get your hands on biodiversity change"
Group Wildlife Ecology and Conservation group
Project type internship
Credits >24
Supervisor(s) Dr. Fred de Boer
Examiner(s) F. van Langevelde
Contact info email:
Begin date 2013/12/01
End date 2022/12/31
Description The Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency (MNP) provides the Dutch government with information on a wide variety of environmental issues that is based on its extensive scientific knowledge and expertise. Policy makers use MNP research findings to develop, implement and enforce environmental policy. MNP contributes to broad, ecologically based political and social debate. It also supports the international assessment activities of various bodies within the European Union and the United Nations.

The goal of the International Biodiversity project is to build tools and institutional capacity for continuous support of biodiversity related policies such as the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) and National Biodiversity Action Plans of governments of selected partner countries. To achieve this goal we develop globally accepted assessment tools, including indicators, monitoring networks and models that provide information on the historical and possible future status of and trends in biodiversity, ecosystem goods and services, and poverty. One of these tools is the Global Biodiversity Model framework (GLOBIO 3).

GLOBIO 3 was developed in co-operation with UNEP World Conservation and Monitoring Centre in Cambridge and UNEP GRID Arendal in Norway and can be used to evaluate the consequences of possible socio-economic scenarios and policy options for biodiversity at global and regional level. It also may help to formulate strategies for biodiversity conservation and sustainable development.
The GLOBIO 3 framework is based on transparent relationships between pressure factors and biodiversity, derived from state-of-the-art knowledge from available literature and data.

The internship(s)
The internship(s) are focussed on the further development of the relationships between the different pressure factors and the effects on biodiversity. The pressure factors considered range from agricultural practises (agroforestry, traditional farming, modern farming, organic farming and different grazing systems), forestry systems (clearcut and regrowth, selective logging, plantations) impact of infrastructure, and pollution to climate change in the terrestrial environment. Effects of pollution, dam construction, fisheries and aquaculture in the aquatic and coastal environment are also investigated.
Candidates select, together with supervisor at MNP, a topic (pressure factor), from the list above, do literature research, visit some experts (national or international) if needed, put findings in a database and analyse their results, in combination with already existing material.
Prerequisites are: a curriculum that includes biology, statistics or environmental modelling; experience with MS office; interest in nature conservation and biodiversity.

[Biodiversity] [Climatic influences] [Species distribution] [Vegetation dynamics] [Miscellaneous]
[netherlands] [Europe] [Africa] [America's] [Asia]
Used skills Literature study, interviews, data analysis, modelling
Requirements Animal Ecology
Ecological methods I