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Title How can we trace the origin of tropical timber? A quantitative literature review
Group Forest Ecology and Forest Management Group
Project type thesis
Credits 36
Supervisor(s) prof.dr. PA (Pieter) Zuidema
dr. M (Mart) Vlam
Examiner(s) prof.dr. PA (Pieter) Zuidema
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Begin date 2023/09/01
End date
Description Also possible as MSc internship

Illegal timber trade is a huge environmental problem, and is often associated with organized crime and deforestation. Legislation to fight illegal timber trade exist, but their enforcement required independent ways to verify timber origin. These tracing methods are based on measurements of the independent characteristics of wood, e.g., chemical or genetic traits. While these methods have been used in multiple scientific publications, they are currently not operational at a large scale. In addition, at this moment, there is no overview of the accuracy and spatial resolution of tracing methods. You will conduct a quantitative literature review to assemble information of scientific tracing studies on: species studies, locations included, method used, spatial resolution of tracing and tracing accuracy/success. You will use this information to compare the accuracy and resolution of methods and identify priority regions or timber groups. No field or lab work needed.

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Used skills Topic(s): Sustainable forest management/ Ecophysiology / Tree ring analyses and wood anatomy
Region(s): America's/ Africa /Asia
Climate(s): Tropical zone

Corona proof: Yes
Requirements - WEC-31806 Ecological Methods I, or a comparable alternative course;
- One FEM course (at least), depending on the topic of the thesis: FEM-30306 Forest Ecology and Forest Management, FEM-30806 Resource Dynamics Sustainable Utilization, FEM-32306 Agroforestry, or Models for Ecological Systems FEM-31806