Project properties

Title Forest recovery in Australia
Group Forest Ecology and Forest Management Group
Project type thesis
Credits 36
Supervisor(s) Lourens Poorter
Iris Hordijk
Examiner(s) prof. dr. L (Lourens) Poorter
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Begin date 2024/09/01
End date
Description This MSc thesis focusses on the factors influencing early succession of abandoned pastural lands in Australia.

Fieldwork is planned from mid-October to mid-December and includes vegetation measurements, analyzing soil samples and conducting interviews in the Atherton tablelands. Both 1 year old and newly established plots will be measured in a team.

Requirements are a driving license and the willingness to perform fieldwork and digitalize data.

This thesis is part of the PANTROP project: The aim of the PANTROP project is to advance our understanding how human-driven climate change, landscape degradation, and biodiversity loss affect forest recovery.

[Biodiversity and functional diversity/Population and forest dynamics/ Forest restoration and succession, Asia, Tropical zone]

Corona proof: No
Used skills
Requirements - WEC-31806 Ecological Methods I (or any comparable course)
- FEM-30306 Forest Ecology and Forest Management (recommended)