Project properties

Title Effect of water misting on lemonade wasps.
Group Entomology, Laboratory of
Project type thesis
Credits 12-36
Supervisor(s) Eveline Verhulst
Examiner(s) Eveline Verhulst & Marcel Dicke
Contact info
Begin date 2023/05/01
End date 2023/10/01
Description For a side project in collaboration with we want to show that water misting repels lemonade wasps in a bio-friendly way to avoid nuisance in the summer months.

The student is asked to design the setup of the experiments.
Used skills Behavioural experiments
Requirements For doing a BSc-thesis at Entomology, there are no requirements for specific courses.
For doing a MSc-thesis or internship at Entomology, the following requirements apply: ENT-30806 + a second ENT-course (preferably ENT-30306 or ENT-50806 or ENT-53806). As an alternative for the second ENT-course, PHP-30806 or BHE-30306 can be selected.
Note: these requirements do not apply for MBI students; MBI students should check the requirements for doing an ENT MSc-thesis or internship in the study programme of their specialisation.