Project properties

Title Litter and fire risk: field, lab and modeling
Group Soil Physics and Land Management group
Project type thesis
Credits 36
Supervisor(s) Main supervisor: dr Cathelijne Stoof
Second supervisor: dr Martine van der Ploeg, dr Jetse Stoorvogel, dr Elmar Veenendaal, depending on the focus of your research
Examiner(s) Cathelijne Stoof
Contact info Cathelijne Stoof
Begin date 2022/01/03
End date
Description Leaf litter is the forgotten layer between soils and forestry, despite its strong importance for carbon storage, water fluxes, fire risk and fire impact. In this project you will work on one of the many unknowns regarding litter, with your interests and the time of year guiding the specific topic. Your work can focus on spatial distribution of litter, small- to large scale temporal and spatial variation in litter moisture and hydrological properties, effects of soil and vegetation type, how these factors relate to litter flammability, and/or landscape scale effects of these aspects. Methods can include fieldwork, lab experiments and modelling, and the context of your work is in fire science: how does litter protect soils during fire or amplify fire risk and fire impact? Your results will directly be used in research and application in The Netherlands and NW Europe, a region where fire risk is increasing with climate change.
Used skills fieldwork, mapping, monitoring, plant sampling, soil sampling, lab analyses, u basic soil assessment, vegetation characteristics, data analysis, interpretation, reporting