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Title River planforms; how do sharp river bends form in low-energy rivers?
Group Soil Geography and Landscape
Project type thesis
Credits 36
Supervisor(s) Jasper Candel, Bart Vermeulen, Ton Hoitink
Examiner(s) Jasper Candel, Bart Vermeulen, Ton Hoitink
Contact info
Begin date 2022/01/03
End date
Description Throughout the world, different river planforms in all types of geological settings can be found. Very distinguishable planforms exist in lowland rivers in the Netherlands, where river bends tend to be rectangular and skewed, opposed to rivers with natural meandering behaviour.

The aim of this MSc. thesis is to use wavelet analysis on different river rectangular and more meandering planforms, and to relate differences to the geological setting of these rivers. We are looking for an ambitious and independent student who has affinity with Remote Sensing and Matlab (or is willing to learn Matlab when having scripting experience in R, Python, etc.). This thesis will be a combination of research done by the groups SGL and HWM in Wageningen, and Water Engineering and Management at the University of Twente. The MSc. student will contribute to ongoing research of the STW-project RiverCare. Additional fieldwork in or outside The Netherlands is optional. For more information, contact
Used skills Matlab, remote sensing, ArcGIS