Project properties

Title MSc thesis or internship: The contribution of solar parks to insect biodiversity conservation
Group Plant Ecology and Nature Conservation Group
Project type thesis
Credits 36
Supervisor(s) Timea Kocsis, Thijs Fijen
Examiner(s) Thijs Fijen
Contact info
Begin date 2022/03/01
End date 2025/10/31
Description The highly needed transformation towards renewable energies requires drastic changes to the landscape as we know it now. Next to numerous wind turbines, we need large solar fields to meet ever increasing energy demand. Such solar fields mgiht be a way to also increase biodiversity levels, as they are frequently located in agricultural landscapes. In this project, we will study how these solar parks contribute to insect biodiversity levels, by looking at which factors of solar parks correlate well to insect biodiversity (e.g. orientation of the panels or distance between panels), how management of the parks affects insects and whether solar parks can deliver important ecosystem services such as pollination and pest control. We will at least monitor flying insects through transect walks, and soil-emerging insects through piramid traps, but other methods are considered. Several different thesis/internship topics are available.
Used skills Field work, species identification, statistics, project management
Requirements Field work experience and driving licence are both highly beneficial