Project properties

Title Determining sample selection strategies for germplasm collecting expeditions
Group Biosystematics Group
Project type thesis
Credits 24-36
Supervisor(s) Dr. Chris Kik / Dr. Rob van Treuren (Centre for Genetic Resources; CGN) and Dr. Klaas Bouwmeester (Biosystematics)
Examiner(s) Prof. dr. Eric Schranz
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Begin date 2020/12/01
End date 2022/12/31
Description Breeding for disease resistance is an important method to minimize the use of fungicides in agriculture. In lettuce (Lactuca sativa) an important disease is downy mildew (Dm) which is caused by the oomycete Bremia lactucae. The Dm3 resistance gene has already been cloned, bio-assays are present and seed progenies from populations of L. aculeata from Jordan and L. serriola/altaica from Uzbekistan have been sampled on a single plant basis. The aforementioned aspects will allow the determination of the Dm3 resistance gene frequency in populations of these species. But more importantly from a genebank point of view, it will also allow, for the first time, the determination of the sampling size in these collected populations for this disease resistance gene. Therefore this research will contribute to improved sampling strategies in future collecting expeditions.
Used skills Molecular techniques (DNA barcoding, gene variant analysis), pathogen bio-assays
Requirements Basic knowledge of population genetics, plant-pathogen interactions and molecular biology