Project properties

Title Modeling drought and oxygen stress in clay soils
Group Soil Physics and Land Management group
Project type thesis
Credits 24-39
Supervisor(s) Jos van Dam, Marius Heinen (WENR)
Examiner(s) Coen Ritsema
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Begin date 2021/05/25
End date
Description Potentially clay soils are very fertile. Nevertheless proper cultivation of clay soils is hard as they may change rapidly with respect to too wet and too dry conditions. Also proper simulation of drought- and oxygen stress in clay soils is still a challenge.

Recently the model instrument �WaterVision Agriculture� became available (see site WaterVision Agriculture simulates the effects of soils, water, farm management and climate change on agricultural production. It uses the hydrological model SWAP and the generic crop growth model WOFOST, and simulates in detail the effects of dry, wet or saline conditions in the root zone.

Although WaterVision Agriculture shows good results for sandy and loamy soils, the results for clay soils are less reliable. In this master thesis research you investigate the reliability of current and alternative modeling concepts.

Affinity with agrohydrological modeling and data analysis is important.
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