Project properties

Title Water balance, soil moisture distribution and crop water status under drip irrigation.
Group Water Resources Management group
Project type thesis
Credits 36
Supervisor(s) Angel de Miguel Garcia, Gerlo Borghuis
Contact info
Begin date 2021/01/01
End date 2021/09/01
Description Country: The Netherlands
Host institute: WUR & Royal Eijkelkamp
Begin date: First quarter 2021
End date: Third quarter 2021

Problem context
In recent years the Netherlands had a serious rainfall deficit during the summer and farmers needed to irrigate their crops. Increased groundwater abstraction and use of sprinkler irrigation as supplemental irrigation is taking place. The evaporation losses of sprinklers are high during summer. There is a growing interest in drip irrigation in arable open field crops. Drip irrigation is already used in specific, mostly horticultural crops, as full irrigation method but there is little experience with drip irrigation as supplemental irrigation in open field crops in the Netherlands. WUR and Royal Eikelkamp in Giesbeek will study the water balance with a lysimeter and the relation between soil moisture (profile probe and tensiometer) and crop water status (turgor sensors) under drip irrigation in a maize crop.

Research Objective/Question
What is the relation between soil moisture distribution under drip irrigation and drought stress and water status in the plant

What is expected from the student
Experiment at Innofields of Royal Eikelkamp on drip irrigation in open field maize. The student will perform the experiment and analyse the data.
Used skills Field trial, literature review, interview
Requirements Analysing skills, transport option to travel to experimental site in Giesbeek (near Arnhem)