Project properties

Title Conflict and collaboration in water governance
Group Water Systems and Global Change
Project type thesis
Credits 36
Supervisor(s) Art Dewulf (
Raffaele Vignola (
Erik van Slobbe (
Examiner(s) Carolien Kroeze
Contact info Maria del Pozo (
Mengru Wang (
Begin date 2021/03/01
End date
Description Theme introduction

Managing water resources in an integrated way takes place in a governance context where many different actors try to influence decisions regarding the water system. Water governance is therefore characterized by a mix of collaboration, negotiation and conflict between a variety of interests, frames and institutions.

Projects & possibilities for students

Specific topics include

dealing with frame diversity
multi-stakeholder platforms
river basin authorities
water conflict and negotiation
scale issues in water governance
transboundary water governance
adaptive water governance
collaborative water governance

In this topic there are opportunities to conduct a thesis in the Netherlands or Abroad
Used skills Possible methods used in the thesis:
- Field studies & experiments
- Case study analysis
- Systematic literature review
- Policy document analysis
- Social network analysis
- Interviews, surveys & focus groups
- Mixed methods