Project properties

Title Climate Change Adaptation Policy in the Water Sector
Group Water Systems and Global Change
Project type thesis
Credits 36
Supervisor(s) Raffaele Vignola (
Robbert Biesbroek (
Bregje van der Bolt (
Erik van Slobbe (
Maria del Pozo (
Examiner(s) Carolien Kroeze
Contact info Maria del Pozo (
Mengru Wang (
Begin date 2021/03/01
End date
Description Theme introduction

Countries, regions, and cities across Europe and other parts of the world, are already adapting to climate change impacts by developing climate change adaptation policies, strategies, and implementing policy actions. These actions include creating new legislation, setting-up awareness campaigns, changing existing building codes, establishing new interdepartmental working groups, and investing in new infrastructure. However, there is little accumulated knowledge of what kind of adaptation policy and risk management strategies interventions work, where, and why. Such learning is, however, critically important to inform further policy design on adaptation actions and evaluate whether societies are making progress on adaptation in the water sector and connected issues (e.g. food production, ecosystem services, land use planning, etc.).

Projects and possibilities for students

Use case studies approaches and/or mixed methods to analyse stakeholders decision-making under uncertainties to characterize risk governance, and identify adaptation problems and/or solutions

Systematically capture climate change adaptation policy actions in the water sector across Europe and to evaluate their effectiveness. This includes:
Develop framework to evaluate what policy interventions work, where, and why;
Use systematic review and mapping methods to analyse the current state of the academic and policy literature;
Focus on one of several water related climate impacts risks: water quality, water availability (floods or droughts), or sea level rise)

Possibilities for students in The Netherlands and Latin America

Used skills Possible methods used in the thesis
- Case study analysis
- Systematic literature review
- Policy document analysis
- Social network analysis
- Interviews, surveys & focus groups