Project properties

Title Climate Information Services (CIS)
Group Water Systems and Global Change
Project type thesis
Credits 36
Supervisor(s) Spyros Paparrizos (
Maria del Pozo (
Fulco Ludwig (
Raffaele Vignola (
Emmanuel Nyadzi (emmanuel.nyadzi@wur,nl)
Uthpal Kumar (
Examiner(s) Carolien Kroeze
Contact info Maria del Pozo (
Mengru Wang (
Begin date 2021/03/01
End date
Description Theme Introduction

Multiple sectors are increasingly aware how vulnerable our economies are to the impacts of climate change. Following the rapid increase of monitoring and collecting climate data there is a need to transform these �together with other relevant information- into climate information services. This includes ICT-tools and relevant products and aligned services such capacity building, education and networking to benefit society at all scales. To achieve that, the human component needs also to be taken into account in a co-production mode to deliver tailor-made climate information services.

We research and develop water and climate information services through a variety of projects, tailored to the needs and in interaction with users such as smallholder farmers, power companies, water managers and others.

Projects and Possibilities for students

Climate Information Services (CIS) concern various sectors of the economy. At WSG we are looking for students to contribute to the on-going projects by taking up sub-topics within the projects or by coming up with their own questions that concern the co-development and the provision of tailored climate services for sectoral applications.� We are interested in and want to do this on a local, regional and global scale.

Our topics include working with smallholder farmers in urbanizing regions of the world such as Asia and Africa to co-develop water and climate information services (Spyros Paparrizos, Emmanuel Nyadzi, Uthpal Kumar). We also aim to understand the aspects of services co-production to deliver tailored services as well as capacity building and training on Climate Information Services (Maria del Pozo, Spyros Paparrizos). We are also active in Europe (Maria del Pozo, Spyros Paparrizos) and the Americas (Raffaele Vignola, Maria del Pozo). We want to work on climate services tailored to the following sectors:
- agri- & equaculture
- water resources
- energy
- national security
- forest and ecosystems
- transportation & civil infrastructure
- marine & coastal ecosystems
- health & tourism

There are thesis opportunities in The Netherlands as well as abroad. There is also the possibility to pursue a topic at Climate Adaptation Services (CAS, Hasse Goosen (
Used skills It is possible to do theses with:
- Model conceptualization
- Indicators development and Analysis
- Scenario Analysis
- Data processing & analysis
- Skills assessment
- Field studies & experiments
- Case study analysis
- Systematic literature review
- Policy document analysis
- Interviews, surveys & focus groups
- Mixed methods