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Title Phosphorus fertilizer replacement values of organic products in a circular agriculture
Group Soil Biology
Project type thesis
Credits 24-39
Supervisor(s) Ellis Hoffland & Renske Hijbeek
Examiner(s) prof.dr. Rachel Creamer
Contact info
Begin date 2021/01/01
End date
Description In a circular agriculture, livestock density will be significantly reduced and crop residues will be used for biorefinery purposes. With less manure and straw available, novel organic amendments are needed to maintain soil fertility. We need to know if and in how far such products can supply crops with phosphorus. In this MSc thesis, a first attempt will be made in a pot experiment, in which crop P uptake from new organic sources will be compared with chemical fertilizers.
Used skills Pot experiment, soil and plant analyses
Requirements See Study Handbook SBL-81836 or PPS-80436