Project properties

Title Protein and oil content of Lupinus mutabilis: can it replace soybean?
Group Plant Breeding, Laboratory of
Project type thesis
Credits 36 - 39
Supervisor(s) Prof.dr. Luisa Trindade and Agata Gulisano
Examiner(s) Prof.dr. Luisa Trindade and Agata Gulisano
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Begin date 2020/11/01
End date 2021/12/31
Description Research on protein crops has recently become a very hot topic. To reduce the current dependency of Europe on soybean import, it is important to find new sustainable alternative sources of protein. Lupinus mutabilis, an Andean grain species, has been proposed as such due to its high protein and oil content, and adaptability to marginal conditions. However, recent domestication and limited research have hampered the development of this crop, still characterized by a wide genetic diversity.

In this project we want to investigate for the first time the variation in seeds protein and oil content across the biggest collection of Lupinus mutabilis accessions in study (225 lines). The collection has already been propagated over two locations in Europe and seeds have been harvested. Biochemical methods will be used to assess protein and oil content and coupled to Near Infrared Spectroscopy for high throughput phenotyping. This study will help identify the breeding targets for the improvement of L. mutabilis as dual purpose crop for the production of oil and protein, and assess its suitability as a sustainable alternative to soybean
Used skills - Protein and oil content determination (biochemical methods)
- High-throughput phenotyping of sample material (biochemical methods)
- Phenotypic diversity studies (statistical analysis)
- Defining breeding criteria for the development of L. mutabilis as dual-purpose crop (protein and oil production).
Requirements PBR30306