Project properties

Title Animal Migration / Conservation Behaviour: Stork migration, human disturbance and stop over sites along the Nile in Egypt
Group Behavioural Ecology
Project type thesis
Credits 36
Supervisor(s) Marc Naguib, Sjouke Kingma, Khaled el Noby, Anouschka Hof (WEC)
Examiner(s) Marc Naguib
Contact info
Begin date 2020/10/01
End date 2023/10/31
Description Storks migrate annually from their northern breeding grounds to the Subsahara, across arid land and land with high human disturbance in Northern Africa. Here we will use online data from GPS tracked storks to determine their migration behaviour with a specific focus on their stop over decision with respect to sewage ponds and garbage sites in Egypt along the Nile. These sites can be poisonous while also providing animals with important resources thus rais intersting questions on human wildlife conflicts as well as positive effects. The project is based on existing data and can be done at any time.
Used skills
Requirements BHE courses