Project properties

Title Validation of the Dutch Soil Map
Group Soil Geography and Landscape
Project type thesis
Credits 36
Supervisor(s) Titia Mulder (SGL WUR) and Joop Okx (WENR)
Examiner(s) Titia Mulder
Contact info
Begin date 2020/07/19
End date
Description The Dutch Soil Map is a vector map containing information about the soil type and soil properties. Contemporary research aims to create digital soil maps of the soil properties and their uncertainties. Therefore, it would be interesting to 1) validate the most recent version of the Dutch soil map, 2) investigate how the soil polygon map compares to the digital soil maps or 3) compare Dutch soil property maps against European and global soil property maps

Another interest is the use of �reference soil profiles� for mapping the soil types. As many of the reference soil profiles are located in managed land, we like to evaluate to which extent the �reference soil profile� is still an appropriate reference for the mapped soil types in the Netherlands.
Used skills Statistics, (open source) GIS and R scripting