Project properties

Title Measuring turbulence from a moving boat
Group Hydrology and Quantitative Water Management Group
Project type thesis
Credits 30
Supervisor(s) Bart Vermeulen, Ton Hoitink, Sikko Kamminga (Nortek), Rikke van de Grinten (Nortek)
Examiner(s) Ton Hoitink
Contact info
Begin date 2020/06/22
End date
Description Turbulence plays a crucial role in driving the transport and mixing of momentum, contaminants and sediment. Although much is known about turbulence in fluvial and coastal systems, most of our knowledge is based on laboratory experiments and field observations in small scale systems. To what extent this knowledge properly scales to large systems is still subject of research. The main reason for this is our inability to observe turbulent quantities in the field. Acoustic doppler current profilers (ADCPs) are commonly used to observe mean flow and sediment dynamics in large rivers and coastal systems. Recent developments in instrument accuracy and data processing methods are bringing the possibility to observe turbulence in large scale systems from a moving boat closer than ever before. In this project, you will investigate the possibility to perform these measurements with state of the art instrumentation and processing methods. You will work in close collaboration with Nortek BV, a manufacturer of ADCPs that has recently developed a data collection framework for highly accurate velocity measurements.
Used skills Field measurements, programming, mathematics, physics