Project properties

Title Snails and snugs resistance what makes them (s)ticks
Group Plant Breeding, Laboratory of
Project type thesis
Credits 24
Supervisor(s) Paul Arens and Ben Vosman
Examiner(s) Paul Arens and Ben Vosman
Contact info
Begin date 2020/04/22
End date 2020/12/31
Description Snails and snugs can be very devastating in a wide number of crops and can cause serious crop losses. However there has been very little research on these organisms and their interaction with crop plants.
Therefore we are looking for a broad inventory of what is currently known as a starting point for further research.
For this minor thesis there are a many topics you could dive into to address questions like:
� Which snail and snugs cause the most problems, in which crops and where?
� Is there literature on resistance to these molluscs? Is there knowledge on genetic variation within crop plant?
� What is known on sensitivity of molluscs against secondary metabolites, can preferences of molluscs to certain crops be linked to this?
� Pathways of specific secondary metabolites in Solanaceae?
� Are morphological properties of plants linked to mollusc preferences eg presence of trichomes?
� Life cycle of molluscs? Expertise on determination and phylogeny of molluscs?
� Other questions that can pop up in discussions
Used skills