Project properties

Title The Cinderella-effect: do stepparents have a negative effect on individuals? [comparative study]
Group Behavioural Ecology
Project type thesis
Credits 30-36
Supervisor(s) Sjouke A. Kingma
Examiner(s) Marc Naguib
Contact info
Begin date 2020/03/10
End date 2023/03/10
Description In humans, the prevalence of abuse and violence among step-parents and their step-children is higher than that among that of biological parents and their children. In group-living birds, where individuals stay with their parents for a number of years, individuals can end up living in a group with a stepparent if the biological parent left or died. Using a comparative meta-analytic approach, this project will assess whether parent turnover has a negative effect on the condition and group membership of young individuals.
Used skills Statistical analyses; data collection; broad review writing
Requirements Broad conceptual thinking; affiliation with statistical analyses, or willingness to learn, is preferred