Project properties

Title Nest-site selection and habitat preference of savanna birds
Group Behavioural Ecology
Project type thesis
Credits TBD
Supervisor(s) Sjouke A. Kingma
Kat L. Bebbington
(in collaboration with other groups, for example PEN)
Examiner(s) Marc Naguib
Contact info
Begin date 2020/03/10
End date 2023/03/10
Description In this project, you will determine the habitat characteristics and niches of different species of birds. This can be expanded by determining characteristics of the environment like food availability and by incorporating how these factors determine individuals´┐Ż health and reproduction. There are many opportunities!
Used skills Fieldwork, plant determination, nest searching, statistics
Requirements The fieldwork takes place in the savanna of Eswatini in Southern Africa; an adventurous attitude is an advantage: the fieldsite is beautiful but remote and accommodation is basic.