Project properties

Title TRAIDE Rwanda: assist in the implementation of an agriculture-focused aid to trade program
Group Water Resources Management group
Project type internship
Credits 24
Supervisor(s) Emily ter Steeg and Gertjan Becx
Contact info
Begin date 2020/09/10
End date 2022/01/01
Description Country: Rwanda
Host institute: Resilience BV / Resiliencia Rwanda

Organization: Resilience BV / Resiliencia Rwanda
Resilience is an international organization that carries out research and consultancy projects in emerging markets. Moreover, we also initiate and invest in social enterprises ourselves to develop market-based solutions for pressing issues. We are a group of bright and open-minded professionals seeking to make a change. Currently, we are active in the field of agribusiness, horticulture and seed-sector development, farmer-led irrigation and drinking water. Resilience has offices in Ethiopia, Mozambique, the Netherlands and Rwanda. Local offices implement projects, programs or assignments independently as well as collaboratively. The local subsidiary of Resilience in Rwanda is called Resiliencia Rwanda ltd. and was founded recently at the end of 2018. At this point, Resiliencia Rwanda�s portfolio contains three major projects: the implementation of the TRAIDE program, Solynta trial management and establishment of Nazava Water filters.

Topic: trade and aid project Netherlands Embassy in Kigali
TRAIDE is a three-year trade facilitation program of the Netherlands Embassy in Kigali. The Embassy has set a clear target to transform the Dutch-Rwandan bilateral relationship moving from aid towards trade. This decision resonates the national development strategy of the Rwandan government aiming to halt inflows of development aid. Building on established ties, there is scope to further strengthen Rwandan-Dutch economic relations through the TRAIDE program. The key objective of TRAIDE is to support Dutch agribusiness companies in Rwanda and contribute to sustainable private sector development with a specific focus on the agricultural and horticultural sector. Resiliencia Rwanda is the main implementing partner. Examples of TRAIDE activities are the writing of business opportunity reports to fill information
gaps, arranging business-to-business facilitation and organizing trade missions to attract and inform new investors. Moreover, there is a Context Sensitive Investment (CSI) Program to promote effective Corporate Social Responsibility policies and projects.
Used skills